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Blackmail 1929 Hitchcock


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Looks like flirting led to murder in this one ...be it self-defense murder


Alice (Anny Ondra) has visited an artist in his studio apartment Mr. Crewe (Cyril Ritchard) after she had a disagreement with her boyfriend/dinner date in a a Tea House ...her boyfriend happens to be detective with Scotland Yard...um....how did that happen? Frank (John Longden) is the detective.


Once there, in the artist studio, more talking, drinking? (need to re-watch the movie) more flirting...then she disrobes & re-robes in a flirty dance costume & then it happens or almost happens...she is grabbed & roughed up & reaches for the knife..good that she grabbed the knife & not the bread loaf.


Alice kills the artist & the laughing clown portrait ...she kills that as well...stabs the artist , stabs the clown...stay out of Alice's way she is on a stabbing frenzy! She rubs out her own signature she had placed on a drawing with help from the artist Mr. Crewe who can no loner sign anything with his cold dead fingers.


She re-dresses, cleans up the crime scene & leaves in a haze, then passes out at home after walking all night. What to do? What to do?


The blackmailer enters the movie, bringing his criminal record with him & he gets the blame for the murder.


Alice's glove is found at the crime scene ...she overlooked it during her frenzied clean up ...most likely anyone could overlook it under the circumstances of having just been attacked & having killed someone in self-defense. Her boyfriend is the investigator & finds her glove  there  knowing it is hers...we see him with her glove in the Tea House...this is how we know he knows it is hers.


Trademark Hitchcock (wiki) cool blond, beautiful blond in distress or peril ...I agree with Wiki this is very Hitchcockian...he likes cool blonds in lead roles.


Alice has visions of the laughing clown after the murder & the vision of the torn canvas where she stabbed it  & it was no longer laughing & she isn't laughing either...in comes the blackmailer Tracy (Donald Calthorpe.


The blackmailer is falsely accused ...another Hitchcock motif...the wronged man...though Tracy has a criminal background & he is a blackmailer he is not the killer but takes the blame & later chased by the police, falls to his death & takes the blame for the killing of Mr. Crewe. 


Alice has a conscience & tries to confess her deed ...as it was self-defense her confession is not accepted in the movie & her conscience is spared & the movie ends happily...maybe. 


Hitchcock appears in this film  (Wiki) on the London underground being bothered by a little boy (Jasque Carter).


I think I'll re-watch this movie NOW!  I have the DVD!!! Afterward I will address: The Lady Vanishes. 

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