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deborah kerr tribute


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Only TWO movies??? They have so many of hers at their disposal. What a joke>>




TCM does not have many of her films at their disposal. As we learned almost two years ago, TCM does not own what used to be called the Turner Film Library any more. When Ted Turner did the merge with Time-Warner/AOL back at the turn of the century, the Turner Film Library was part of that merge.


That library is now under the care of Warner Brothers. TCM has to rent all the films they show whether they are from WB or another studio.


Film rentals and leases are contingent on many things including how often over the course of months or years a film can be aired.


When a beloved actor or actress dies, TCM has to scramble to put together a Tribute afternoon or evening.


The films available are based on the rental agreements that were made long before the actor or actress passed away and that can often dictate what films can be shown as a tribute.


We all like to believe that all TCMProgrammr has to do is call down to the vault and say, "Get me a line-up of Deborah Kerr films for a tribute!" but that is not the reality.


The reality is far more business like, I'm afraid.

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There are a couple of reasons we don't have more films in our tribute. First, it's true that we don't have access to all of her movies all of the time and there are several we wish we had that aren't available to us. But it's true we do have more than we're playing. One issue is that we feel the tribute should definitely include primetime and so we need to get rid of one of our theme nights, and it's always difficult to decide which night that should be. For example, we didn't want to interrupt Henry Fonda as SOM or the Louis Malle tribute or the Biopics festival or the horror films, etc. Also there are days and nights that we're playing either TCM premieres, or we're playing films that we are about to lose for a long period of time - we don't like to take those out of the schedule either. We hate to displace the two movies that were on that Sunday night but it seemed like the best festival to eliminate. And the silent film we have that night is the premiere of the restored version of "Battleship Potemkin" and we didn't want to lose that one, so we kept it to a double-feature. Also, we are asking Robert Osborne to do last-minute introductions for Ms. Kerr, but given the time frame we didn't want to add too many films to the workload. I'm sure there are other ways and nights it could have been done and everyone will have a different opinion on what's best. That's the reasoning at least.

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tcmprogrammr, I sincerely feel for you and your co-workers. Looking at the upcoming schedule, I'd have a hard time finding anything to remove, too. I know the horror and sci-fi movies scheduled this month are just a bunch of fluff, but hey, 'tis the season... in October, I want my candy corn and guys running around in rubber monster suits! And as much as I love badfilm, I'm also looking forward to the restored version of "Battleship Potemkin" and the Louis Malle tribute. I don't know what else you could cut out of the schedule to make more room. Honestly, I think you guys do a pretty good job, all things considered. There's just so many movies, and so little time.


I guess you could show "Eye of the Devil" and count it as a horror offering and a Deborah Kerr tribute, but it's just not that good of a movie. Too bad she didn't star in "Night of the GIANT Iguana"...

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Thanks for the explanation and I do understand how difficult it must be to change the schedule on such short notice. It's a little easier to take when I noticed that there are five or six Kerr films coming up in the next few months. I would like to put in a request for a day of her films, possibly next year during her birthday or during summer under the stars. And, if the lesser known films could be included, that would be wonderful. I love the 'big' films you show but, for me, the true value of your channel is in the lesser known and/or not as easily available films that you show.

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"why not cut " Heavan can wait " - sudabel


It has been replaced. Sunday Night's schedule originally contained the Double Feature of Here Comes Mr. Jordan and Heaven Can Wait. Both of those films have been replaced.


Sunday Night will feature the films From Here To Eternity and Separate Tables. The regular Sunday Programming of "Silent Sunday Nights" and "TCM Imports" will not be prempted and the showings of Battleship Potemkin and Fanny And Alexander are still on the schedule.


Kyle In Hollywood

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