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Looking for a Movie Title

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I am looking for the title of a horror film from the 30's. I woke up from sleeping on my couch when I was younger and saw part of this film on late night tv. The movie starred Boris Karloff and the scene I remember had something to do with a mad doctor who was in the process of skinning his captives alive as some sort of torture. I remember there being a lot of art-deco sets in the movie scene that I saw. I have never seen this film since. Was I dreaming?


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"Do you know what I am going to do to you now? No? Did you ever see an animal skinned, Hjalmar? Ha, ha, ha. That's what I'm going to do to you now ? flay the skin from your body...slowly...bit by bit! "


Bela Lugosi to Boris Karloff, in THE BLACK CAT



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This movie will still creep you out, guaranteed. You won't be disappointed.


THE BLACK CAT was filmed pre-code in 1934, and was banned in several countries. It was censored and edited and released as a ?code? film later that year. Some people credit it with being the straw that broke the cat's back, forcing the studios to adopt the production code. I can believe it. Still one of the creepiest movies ever made.

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