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Classic Film Noir

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I am teaching an acting class for middle schoolers and we are writing a murder mystery. I thought it would be helpful to show a film noir so that they could understand the dramatic acting that they need to do. Can anyone suggest a movie that has the typical Detective at the desk with a woman who comes in dramatically to him to solve a murder? I also would like the movie to have narration for the detective as well. I was thinking The Maltese Falcon, but does this have all three? I can't remember...

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MALTESE FALCON doesn't have voice over narration. The story unfolds directly. It does meet your other qualifications, and it is the very best of the private eye films. As Frank Grimes stated, MURDER, MY SWEET, from Raymond Chandler's best novel, should fill the bill nicely.

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I'm not in middle school...but I'd sure like to take your class. "Out of the Past" (voice over narration) and a detective who ust chase a damsel (whose stolen some money) might also fit the bill.


If I can't take the class, let me know if you want someone to film your murder mystery. I'm your gal.

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