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I thought it was pretty good, Bronxie.


It actually put me in mind of Val Lewton's films stylistically, and the plot in particular had some similarities with THE SEVENTH VICTIM, although that film didn't really feature a (seen) supernatural menace.


Basically, George Macready, playing a pretty good guy (for once!) lies dying. His wife, in desperation, expresses her willingness to bargain with "anyone" who would save his life. Along comes Rose Hobart as a devil-worshipping hypnotist who does just that. Trouble is, after he recovers, hubby just "isn't the same" any more. And Rose isn't through with him just yet, either...


Decent little "B" epic, clocking in at just about an hour with nice atmosphere & decent production values.


Sorry you missed it, Bronxie. I think you would have liked it (but then, I was wrong about FOOTSTEPS IN THE DARK).

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Much thanks, nightwalker -- it sounds pretty damn good to me from your description. (forget about FOOTSTEPS, we can't agree all the time; and, I did like Errol -- just not the script and direction so much) You're always on target with me re: horror/mystery/sci-fi.




Even at this late date, I'm still negotiating re: Chi-town apartment so when I finally know WHERE I'm going to lay my pretty little head, then I'll get my recording equipment and finally be able to catch these movies.

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Hya BG -

I must thoroughly second nightwalker's enthusiastic recommendation of SOUL OF A MONSTER. This was my first time seeing it and I found it to be a superior example of what might be more accurately described as supernatural noir. Compactly told with many stunning visual flourishes (his comparison to Lewton is really quite apt), the film dances precariously around with a premise that could have been a disastrously dismal fiasco and emerges as a startling and intelligently frank exposition on the struggle betwixt good and evil on earth in ways that only a brilliant "B" movie can manage. The only thing I might disagree with is the real nature of Rose Hobart's character. An evil hypnotist? Perhaps. The devil's emissary? Probably.

Next time it airs, make sure to catch it -- it's a stone-cold gem.



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