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YENTL (1983)

Guest dredagain

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Barbra Streisand's star vehicle much maligned in its day but much better than I remembered. Watched this one over vacation and really liked it. Streisand also directed. The music by Michel Legrand is magnificent as sung by Streisand and may rank among the best musical scores written for a dramatic film. The lyrics by the Bergmans are ok but clunky in a few spots.


Streisand is front as center as the masquerader and at 41 is amazing in her ability to photograph and act like the Yeshiva boy of 18 or so. The settings are solid as is the direction. Amy Irving won an Oscar nomination. Mandy Patinkin is the conflicted suitor/friend.


The musical numbers are all well done and the finale (although similar to that in FUNNY GIRL) is saved by the magnificent "A Piece of Sky," which also interweaves threads from previous songs.


Bravo to Streisand!

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1. Barbara Streisand never would pass as a boy, she made no attempt to change her speaking voice and wears eye-liner as Yentl

2. Mandy Patinkin has the most beautiful voice on Broadway, but she chose to hog ALL the songs for herself.

3.She was decades too old for the part, but to her credit she looked young.

4.the score WAS beautiful and her singing voice and the power behind it is overwhelming..

5. the direction was flawless, but the scenes with Amy Irving were embarasing, the story is a trifle

creepy, particularly the wedding night scene, but all in all she gets a "B" for trying.. it sound like I am not a fan,I really am

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I love this film, but I adore the soundtrack even more. The songs The Way He Makes Me Feel and Will Someone Ever Look AT Me That Way are my favorites. As a gay teen when I first saw the film in Boston back in 1983 these 2 songs especially had such deep meaning. I listen to the CD often and I wish the film would come out on DVD with a Streisand commentary, of course!



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I too find Streisand's singing in YENTL to be magnificent.... I think "A Piece of Sky" is my favorite, especially when she joins "Papa Can You Her Me" in between the "Sky" lyrics. I never liked the Bergmans much but I admit they wrote a spectacular music score and one that only Streisand could ever sing.

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I asked earlier if anyone knew when this DVD was coming out, so now I'm back to answer my own question. It comes out Feb. 3rd 2009. One version is a special edition 2 disc set with tons of bonus features, including commentary and deleted scenes. There is more information about the actual contents at various internet sites. If you're interested, check it out. :)

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