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Russia: ‘We are in the post-West world order’

"Western powers are going through the “painful” process of learning of their loss of influence, Russia’s top diplomat said Friday.

“I think that we are in the post-West world order,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Channel 4 News, a British outlet.

That’s a slightly-blunter assessment of global affairs than Lavrov offered even in 2017, when he said first that a “choice” should “be made in favor of building a democratic and fair world order, a post-West world order.” Lavrov’s latest pronouncement updated that call, as he declared an end of the five-century “historical epoch” of Western world domination....



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The Great Russian Disinformation Campaign

 how Russia revolutionized information warfare—and presages its consequences for democracies in Europe and the United States.

"... Russia’s most important weapon in its war on factuality was less old-fashioned official mendacity than the creation of an alternative reality (or more exactly, many contradictory alternatives, all of them Putin-serving). “Russia generated tropes targeted at what cyberwar professionals called ‘susceptibilities’: what people seem likely to believe given their utterances and behavior. It was possible to claim that Ukraine was a Jewish construction (for one audience) and also that Ukraine was a facist construction (for another audience),” Snyder writes. ....

".......Restrictive new laws silenced democratic debate, including remembrance of the victims of Soviet-era crimes. Memorial associations were condemned as alien invaders. “Russia’s own past became a foreign threat”—but it all started with the August 2012 law outlawing advocacy of gay rights.

Yet the most crucial turn to a new kind of politics—one now agonizingly familiar to Americans—arrived with the Russian invasion of Crimea in February 2014. Even as Russian troops in Russian uniforms seized the peninsula, Putin denied anything was happening at all...

Even greater success still awaited the Russian disinformation project: the Trump campaign of 2016. In Snyder’s telling, Trump is himself the ultimate expression of Putin’s anti-factuality. Trump in Snyder’s telling was not the successful businessman he performed in his TV non-reality series, The Apprentice, but an American loser who became a Russian tool. “Russian money had saved him from the fate that would normally await anyone with his record of failure.” ....

Trump as very much a junior partner in a larger Russian project, less a cause, more an effect. He worries, too, that slowly before Trump—and rapidly after Trump—America is becoming like Russia: a country on a path to economic oligarchy and distorted information.

Trump’s attitude to truth again and again reminds Snyder of the Russian ruling elite: The Russian television network RT “wished to convey that all media lied, but that only RT was honest by not pretending to be truthful.” ......


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'Snowden is the Master of His Own Destiny' Russia Rebuts US Attempts to Have Whistleblower Extradited


Donald Trump is expected to discuss Snowden's return when he meets with Putin.

United States President Donald Trump is expected to pressure Russia to hand over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in exchange for sanctions relief at the upcoming Trump-Putin summit; however, Russia has emphasized that they “are not in a position” to expel Snowden and will “respect his rights" if any such attempt is made.


“I have never discussed Edward Snowden with (Donald Trump's) administration,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said to Channel 4 reporters. “When he (Putin) was asked the question, he said this is for Edward Snowden to decide. We respect his rights, as an individual. That is why we were not in a position to expel him against his will because he found himself in Russia even without a U.S. passport, which was discontinued as he was flying from Hong Kong.”

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No Fifth Column in the Kremlin? Think Again!



Following the re-appointment of Medvedev and his more or less reshuffled government, the public opinion in Russia and abroad was split on whether this was a good sign of continuity and unity amongst the Russian leadership or whether this was a confirmation that there was a 5th column inside the Kremlin working against President Putin and trying to impose neo-liberal and pro-western policies on the Russian people. Today I want to take a quick look at what is taking place insideRussia because I believe that the Russian foreign policy is still predominantly controlled by what I call the “Eurasian Sovereignists” and that to detect the activities of the “Atlantic Integrationist” types we need to look at what is taking place inside Russia.

The Russian 5th column and its typical operations

First, I want to begin by sharing with you a short video translated by the Saker Community of one of the most astute Russian analysts, Ruslan Ostashko, who wonders how it is that a rabidly pro-western and vociferously anti-Putin radio station named “Ekho Moskvy” manages not only to elude normal Russian legislation, but even gets money from the gaz giant Gazprom, which is majority owned by the Russian state. Ekho Moskvy is also so pro-Israeli that it has earned the nickname “Ekho Matsy” (Ekho Moskvy means “Echo of Moscow” whereas “Ekho Matsy” means “Echo of the Matzo”). Needless to say, that radio has the unwavering and total support of the US Embassy. It would not be an exaggeration to say Ekho Moskvy serves as in incubator for russophobic journalists and that most the liberal pro-western reporters in the Russian media have been, at one time or another, associated with this propaganda outfit. In spite of this or, more accurately, because of this, Ekho Moskvy has been bankrupt for quite a while already, and yet – it continues to exist. Just listen to Ostashko’s explanations ( and make sure to press the ‘cc’ button to see the English language captions):

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Russian officials and state media mock ‘weak’ GOP senators after Moscow visit

“What trouble did we cause?” one Russian TV analyst said last week, before the senators arrived. “We just elected Trump, that’s all.” ........

“Putin is fine, he’s fine,” Trump said. “We are all fine, we’re all people.”


Russian broadcasters mocked the Republican lawmakers as “weak,” saying their tough talk changed after arriving in Moscow.


“We need to look down at them and say: You came because you needed to, not because we did,” said Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko on state-run television.


Duma member Vyacheslav Nikonov said the meeting with the Republican lawmakers was “one of the easiest ones in my life.”.............



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Putin Has Already Won

Trump’s blowup at the NATO summit is exactly what Russia hoped would happen.

"........ Putin will shower the vain and insecure Trump with lavish praise, acting all the while as if Russia is the full equal in power to the United States. Understanding that Trump vastly overestimates Russia’s power and influence, Putin will aim to persuade the president that they can decide most important global issues between them.

...Since Putin’s top immediate objective is to obtain relief from U.S. and EU sanctions, he may be willing to give a useless verbal guarantee that he will not meddle in American politics (while continuing to deny his well-documented interference in the 2016 election). He might also opt to raise with Trump his half-baked peacekeeping proposal for Ukraine, which naturally includes no measure to rapidly remove Russian military forces, their equipment and proxies from Ukrainian territory. ....

Any weakening of NATO’s military deterrence – which the West has achieved via the stationing of forces and equipment and exercises to maintain and improve their readiness and demonstrate resolve – will carry serious consequences. The Kremlin will be emboldened by any quantitative or qualitative military retreat.

But even in the absence of agreement on anything at all, Putin’s Russia will likely achieve a more intangible prize: This creaking, economically anemic country with a GDP half the size of California’s will come off looking like America’s equal, which in reality only holds true in the nuclear arena. Putin will have puffed up President Trump with praise, effectively rendering him unwilling and unable to draw a firm line against the Kremlin’s aggressive actions.

This week, Trump tweeted that his meeting with Putin may be the “easiest” of his meetings in Europe.

Unlike so many of his claims, this one is true — only it’s Vladimir Vladimirovich who will likely find that his easily manipulated adversary presents very little challenge indeed."



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Listen up Fox & GOP, here's beginning of your talking points........ ;)

Russian response to Mueller indictments: ‘they are just children’s statements’


...Lavrov denounced “this irrational myth about this global Russian threat, traces of which are found everywhere – from Brexit to the Catalan referendum.”

“Until we see the facts, everything else is just blabber – ..."

"There are no official claims, there are no proofs for this. That’s why they are just children’s statements,” Andrei Kutskikh, the presidential envoy for international information security, told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.


McMaster also scoffed at the suggestion that the U.S. would work with Russia on cyber security issues.

“I’m surprised there are any Russian cyber experts available based on how active most of them have been undermining our democracies in the West,” he said to laughter. “So I would just say that we would love to have a cyber dialogue when Russia is sincere.”

In Russia, one of the 13 people indicted said that the U.S. justice system is unfair..........


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An Easy Win for Putin in Helsinki

"(Putin) wanted to keep things as they are—with Trump acknowledging Russia as a rightful and indispensable power, and describing the Obama Administration’s attempts to isolate Russia as misguided and counterproductive.

Trump delivered that, and then some.....

When the reporter Jeff Mason, of Reuters, asked Trump whether he blamed Russia for anything at all, Trump spoke about the Mueller investigation, calling it “a disaster for our country.” ...

Putin, next to Trump, looked the sober and composed adult. He allowed himself some moments of trolling—like suggesting that Mueller’s investigators come to Moscow and interview Russian agents—but it was easy to play the straight man as Trump spoke about his own obsessions, including his 2016 election victory. .......

In one possible slip, Putin, when asked if he had preferred Trump to Clinton, said, “Yes, I did.” Perhaps the only concern for the Kremlin today is that Trump’s performance could prove counterproductive.

His statements in Helsinki insured that Russia will remain politically toxic in Washington for some time to come. Still, this was an enormously advantageous—even victorious—summit for Putin.

Super, in fact. "




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Just heard Trump say that if Putin/Russia had something on him, it would be out there, why would they keep it secret? But of course that's ludicrous. Blackmail is only effective when the thing is NOT revealed.

This has gone from funny to scary. Trump is systematically and intentionally weakening the United States and its allies and strengthening our enemies.

Putin/Trump is Stalin's dream.





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16 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Tom WinterVerified account @Tom_Winter 20m20 minutes ago


BREAKING / NBC News: DOJ announces the arrest of Russian National Mariia Butina, age 29, for "infiltrating organizations having influence in American politics, for the purpose of advancing the interests of the Russian Federation."

She was arrested yesterday.

Given that the Russian national communicated with her handler through Twitter DM (!), the alleged offenses began in 2015 under the Obama administration, and the organization infiltrated was the NRA, it’s hard to see this as anything other than (a) dogpiling on Helsinki and (b) midterms related, since the NRA may become an issue there.

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Michiko KakutaniVerified account @michikokakutani


"Russian state TV hosts brazenly assert, 'Trump is ours,'

and joke that U.S. lawmakers traveled to Russia 'to make deals with our hackers, so they can rig the midterms in favor of Trump’s team'."


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There are reasons why Putin loves Trump.  First, Trump is an incompetent idiot.  And second, Trump owes the Kremlin for his financial backing and for the election.

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