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Cristina MazaVerified account @CrisLeeMaza 1h1 hour ago


Russian officials are using William Barr's summary of the Mueller report to claim that their government is innocent of election interference.

It's not. My latest w/insights from @kalenskyj , @jedshug, and @olgaNYC1211



Barr/Mueller Report Emboldens Russia, Increases Chance of 2020 Election Interference-

".....Although Mueller’s team unambiguously concluded that Russia did attempt to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and charged 25 Russian intelligence operatives and experts in social media manipulation in two indictments last year, 

Russian officials have claimed Barr's summary exonerates their government.  

“We have studied some extracts and conclusions [of Mueller’s report], which in fact state nothing new, except that it acknowledges the lack of any sort of conspiracy,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Monday.


......Barr’s letter should not distract from the fact that Russia has interfered in not only the U.S. democratic process but also elections around the world. They warned that Russia may attempt to twist Barr’s conclusions to fit its own agenda. What's more, they said, Moscow may be emboldened if it sees that its efforts to sew discord paid off. 

“The Russians are obviously using it not only to say that there was no collusion, which is what the letter says, but also that Mueller didn’t find any evidence that Russia interfered,

which [is] a lie, obviously...."

.... “If the Russians see that there was no price, and the only results is an even more polarized American society, they will see that they achieved exactly the result they were aiming for.” ....

...analysts note that Russian media is celebrating Barr’s letter.

“When Trump appointee, William Barr, delivered a brief summary of the Mueller report, the Kremlin reacted joyously and sarcastically,”....



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Mueller Report Has Moscow in Ecstasy, Opening the Way for More Putin Plots

Judging from the reaction of Russian officials and state media, expect Vladimir Putin to be more aggressive than ever.

Latest wrinkle:Blame Ukraine for backing Hillary Clinton....


Citing Fox News, Russian state news agency TASS reported that the findings represent a complete victory for President Trump. “It’s not every day you get to see [Rachel Maddow] nearly cry live on-air,” rejoiced Russian state media outlet RIA Novosti. .........

Russian election interference will soon be replaced by “Ukrainegate,” based on the conspiracy theory that Ukraine meddled in the U.S. elections on the side of Hillary Clinton.

Trump recently tweeted the link to an article, widely promoted by the Russians, stating: “As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.” .....

The Russian state media are hoping that President Trump, described by RIA Novosti as “a vengeful showman,” will initiate a brand new investigation of election interference—this time, against Ukraine. ......

Donald Trump Jr. jumped on the Ukraine bandwagon by tweeting an article that demanded the removal of former President Barack Obama’s U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, and rehashing the claims of Ukraine’s alleged interference .........


Trump’s recent decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights was interpreted by Russian officials as a tacit withdrawal of U.S. objections to the Russian annexation of Crimea. .........


The Kremlin also capitalized on the unrelenting focus on the Mueller investigation, which provided the ideal cover for a quiet arrival of two Russian Air Force planes in Venezuela’s main airport on Saturday, transporting nearly 100 Russian troops to the country. .........


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How Ivan Golunov Cost Putin More Than Robert Mueller | Opinion


"...... Ivan Golunov, the top Russian investigative journalist who was arrested, tortured—and then, incredibly, released in the wake of mass public and media protests, earlier this week. ......

Golunov's investigations deal almost exclusively with the most mundane and unglamorous issues imaginable, which nevertheless affect the everyday lives of millions of ordinary people. He does not poke his nose into national security, he does not travel to Chechnya or to Donbass, and he certainly does not and try to figure out who shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

His hunting grounds are paving stones, micro-credit schemes, abuses of power in schools and hospitals, internal politics in regional museums, garbage disposal, social media monitors, and most recently, dodgy dealings in the funeral business. He works by taking stones, turning them over (often literally) and digging through the dirt beneath........

Golunov's work made him many of powerful enemies, nowhere more so in the Moscow municipal administration. But the detention and beating, as Golunov himself said in his court hearing on June 7, was likely "commissioned" by enemies of a lesser order: a small-time funeral services mafia, with alleged links to the security services and police. ..........


The five days of the Ivan Golunov affair may have a far-reaching impact on the politics of Russia, more than any other single event in recent years, including the Mueller investigation. ......

Golunov, meanwhile, finds himself a reluctant celebrity and a symbol. He will not be able to carry out his nitty-gritty, incognito investigations like he used to. But he will spawn thousands of imitators lifting up paving stones, photographing packaging labels, developing new methods of sifting through the dirt lying in plain sight or hidden only by the thinnest layer of cracked granite. I have rarely seen my Russian friends and colleagues so angry, so hungry for change and so filled with optimism as they are now. "



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One of my favorite actors is French actor Gerard Depardieu.

Word has it, that Putin hasis given him a Russian passport and the keys to the Kremlin.

What about a photo of France's favorite Cyrano de Bergerac with Russia's favorite dictator Vladimir Putin.


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8 hours ago, Princess of Tap said:


What about a photo of France's favorite Cyrano de Bergerac with Russia's favorite dictator Vladimir Putin.


If I were Gerard, I'd insist it be taken in either the Chechnya or Ukraine houses of parliament.  ;)


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21 hours ago, hamradio said:


Elton John IS a gay scene. :lol:



By the way I have the LP, can't see music.

I'll probably be watching the Russian version of this movie if I see it. 

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Report: U.S. is underestimating Putin's "grand strategy" for Russian dominance



the Pentagon suggests that the U.S. is underestimating the scale of Russian President Vladimir Putin's "grand strategy" for dominance on the world stage, and that inaction in the face of Russia's malign influence activities poses a serious threat to U.S. national security.

"Contrary to conventional analysis, after two decades under Vladimir Putin, Russia represents an ideological challenge to the West, not just a political and military rivalry. Although NATO continues to possess impressive overmatch against Moscow, that edge is dwindling, and Western vulnerabilities in certain military areas are alarming. Moreover, the unwillingness of Western experts and governments to confront the ideological — as well as political and military — aspects of our rivalry with Putinism means that the threat of significant armed conflict is rising."


The big picture: The study, which was compiled by more than two dozen national security experts and was first reported by Politico, finds that Putin's grand strategy is comprised of the following objectives:

  • "Reclaim and secure Russia's influence over former Soviet nations."
  • "Regain worldwide recognition as a 'great power.'"
  • "Portray itself as a reliable actor, a key regional powerbroker, and a successful mediator in order to gain economic, military, and political influence over nations worldwide and to refine the liberalist rules and norms that currently govern the world order."

In order to achieve these objectives and advance its foreign policy, Russia has sought to master the art of "hybrid warfare" through "the use of paramilitary forces and other proxies, interference in political processes, economic and energy exploitation (particularly in Africa), espionage, and media and propaganda manipulation."...


The bottom line: "Political objectives matter to the Kremlin in a zero-sum worldview," the report claims. "For Russia to win, the U.S. has to lose." ............




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Russia doesn't need to do anything to undermine faith in US elections:   Americans are great at doing this themselves.

It should be obvious that if Trump wins re-elections Dems will say he did so unfairly or by cheating,  yet again.   

If Trump loses,   Trump supporters will come up with lots of reasons why he was cheated out of victory.


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The Senate Intelligence Committee just released the results of its 2.5 year bipartisan investigation into 2016 Russia election interference.
This is just Volume I of SSCI’s report, focusing specifically on Russian cyber activity targeting election infrastructure.
The committee plans to release four other volumes on other topics in the coming months.
The 67-page report is here:
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Over 1,000 Arrested in Moscow Election Protest


"Chanting slogans like "Putin is a thief" and "We love Russia. They love money," protesters marched through Moscow again Saturday as they have almost every Saturday this month.

The marchers were headed toward the City Hall at Tverskaya 13, but many never made it there, as riot police armed with billy clubs, dogs and pepper spray blocked streets and rounded up protesters.

For the second week in a row, thousands of people took to the streets to protest the local election commission's exclusion of opposition candidates from running in Moscow's local elections on September 8. ........


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:o  -_-


Leading Putin critic Alexei Navalny hospitalized with mysterious illness

JUST IN: Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny's doctor says he is suffering from
the effects of "undefined chemical substances" — not an allergic reaction, as has been reported.
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Julia Davis
· Aug 6, 2018
Konstantin Kosachev, chair of the Council of the Federation Committee on Foreign Affairs,
who is under U.S. sanctions,
said that Rand Paul "has access to the top U.S. leadership, is close to Donald Trump,
and we expect that we will be able to convey our signals through him."
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Lyubov Sobol: The woman driving Russia's opposition protests

The young lawyer and popular video blogger is one of a group of opposition activists who have been barred from local elections in Moscow, sparking a growing wave of demonstrations.

The summer protests have caught the authorities off guard and led to clashes with riot police and mass arrests.

"They ignored all our appeals so I have to fight in a more radical way", she says,.........





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Russia-linked Twitter accounts promoted 'doxxing' over racial tension videos

Clemson University researchers found videos of confrontations between white people and minorities received instrumental early social media promotion from inauthentic accounts.



.... “Fundamentally, what they’re trying to do is put a spotlight and rub salt in the wound of these divisive issues,” Linvill told NBC News, referring to the strategy of using social media to exacerbate racial tensions. ........

Disinformation experts told NBC News that the goal of the inauthentic accounts is to highlight and inflame existing tensions to destabilize America, a strategy also used by Russia’s disinformation campaign leading up to the 2016 election.

“The real goal is to get the conflict off Twitter, to get it into the streets,” Philip Howard, director of the Oxford Internet Institute, said.......



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It's been proven that one of these videos promoted was of the white woman calling the police in New York City because a  9 year -old black boy's school backpack had accidentally brushed against her back in a convenience store.

Then the video is taking place on the sidewalk in front of the store,

As the white woman is calling the police claiming sexual assault against the child, while the nine year- old boy and his little sister are frightened and upset.

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