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Favorite Stars in Movie Poster Art


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I agree about Stanwyck, Pintorini, but if we are talking '50s and '60s, I vote for Audrey!


Unfortunately, my work computer is being snotty about pics! But she is the most fabulous, fabulous star in posters. I don't think even Marilyn can compare.

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Pintorini!!!!! I totally agree, although I would also love a 1 sheet of Funny Face -- I ADORE Audrey dancing!! But another movie poster goddess is definitely Bette!! She was fabulous in decades worth of poster art. Par example -- Storm Center from the 1950s -- Bette was JUST as gorgeous as she was in Jezebel in 1939!



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Wow. There are 60+ images in this thread already? (That's a bit too time-consuming for my dial-up connection.) But wanted to put up this link to an interview TCM did with the author of a book on hand-painted poster art from the 1910s to 1930s - "Now Playing" by Anthony Slide



And I will repost my own favorite poster image -











Kyle In Hollywood


ps - If one can get in without registering, here is a link to an archive of early posters I put up at a Yahoo Group earlier this year -


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Ooh! I love this!! But there seems to be a conspicuously missing pair of MGM actresses who arguably have the best two pairs of eyebrows on the backlot (although I personally would argue for Greta Garbo and Vivien Leigh). But maybe you do not like the MGM ladies?

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