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Fox Suspense Classics


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Actually, the title of the set is "Fox Horror Classics." I bought it a few days ago and just now finished watching oneof the films, the terrific "Hangover Square." I will be doing a review of the set in the Box Sets section in a few days.


One thing I would like to know from someone else who has the set: The Undying Monster and Hangover Square each had two photo cards inserted in their cases, but my copy of The Lodger did not. Did anyone get photo cards in the Lodger?

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Just checked the horror box set I bought. Not only are there not still cards from THE LODGER, the other two films in the set are also missing the photo cards. Someone goofed, or the packers aren't doing their job. In the past I have had some paper insert missing, but never the photo cards. I will call FOX up to complain about this. The last time I did, to complain about a paper insert being missing from the Alice Faye Collection, the woman at FOX said she would send them to me. That was three months ago, and I have yet to receive a single thing.

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The DVD treatment of these 4 films - none of which are blockbusters or even very famous - fascinates me because the video-treatment is pretty good.


And we've seen several film-noir collections with the same - and even better - features (like the little 4-minute 'bonus interviews' for TENSION, BIG STEAL, etc.).


This proves to me that good-quality DVD production doesn't require the most famous movies to be attractive to the buying public. And of course, I'm hoping for more, more, more - that's where the buying public can REALLY make a difference.


The Sam Katzman Collection was also given a great video-treatment.

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