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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery


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Hey Chief,


Really cool looking but unusual poster for *The Stork Club*. Barry Fitzgerald waving his hat like that is reminiscent of his character in *Going My Way*.


And the line of characters at the bottom of the poster is very reminiscent of *The Cradle Will Rock* which for a poster advertising the film in Spain is just really bizarre but given the politics of the situation and the era did make me smile.

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*"Perfect! I've never seen that poster for Rancho Notorious before. I like it... a lot!"* - FrankGrimes


Happy you are happy, Mr. Grimes. But have you seen this one? I bet you'll like it even more.


Frank Grimes Day #2

I was saving it for another occasion but thought you might like to see it today.



*Now I'm hoping my recording took.*


I know you have been looking forward to seeing *Rancho Notorious* for a loooong time. But with *Johnny Guitar* also on showing this evening, I thought today was going to be "personal holiday" for you and you'd be holed-up at home making sure the recordings went off without a hitch.


Kyle (Was there any "Hitch" today, too?) In Hollywood

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I don't know if Shiftless will like it better but I bet Marlene did. The first poster made her look older than she likely would have preferred.


This one makes her look younger and she gets to look sexy and show off her considerable assets.

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