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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery

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I always love the posters, Kyle. I'm not sure where you get the images, and I was wondering about it.


Both Bad Bascomb and Big City make a point of featuring Margaret, so it shows her popularity with audience. I haven't seen either movie, now I'm curious.

Lost Angel has a pairing of two of my favorites, James Craig and Marsha Hunt. I loved them together in the Human Comedy as well. I wonder what Margaret thought of her pose? Of course the posters are larger and we can see detail better.

h4. Happy Birthday Margaret.

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I imagine you sitting on the sofa enjoying your long-awaited gift from TCM. I'm hoping that there were no rainstorms or windstorms or snowstorms or phone calls to interfere with your viewing pleasure.


And that all is well in your world.


Let me know if you need those back-ups.

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*I imagine you sitting on the sofa enjoying your long-awaited gift from TCM.* - lzcutter


I didn't have the nerve to watch it live, Lynn. I did peek for two seconds about halfway through the movie, and was relieved to see Danny Thomas singing away. I'll watch it late tonight along with *Journey for Margaret* (5am start time!) when my stress levels drop. We never had anything more than heavy fog/mist throughout the day, and I saw no problems as I sat through rest of the marathon. Thanks for the backup. I'll let you know if my trembling hands messed up my recording.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, TCM!


I just finished watching it, Lynn, and am happy to say there were no problems at all. Since it's so rarely shown, I was half-expecting a beat-up, scratched-up print, but it was beautifully preserved. Thanks again, TCM.


Edited by: patful on Jan 16, 2010 12:52 AM

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I love the sketches of the scenes behind the main image but as to the main image, wtfaaa? as Robin Williams likes to say.


But it is John Wayne and thanks for remembering!

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How does *Rebellion in the Classroom* translate to *To Sir, With Love*. The foreign title makes it sound like a much different movie that should star Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra not Sidney Poitier.

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