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It looked great and they grew on me as a couple. It had enough of the Wilder/Brackett zingers to keep it moving along, but it didn't have the subtlty of, say, "The Swan". It reminded me most of Lana Turner's version of "The Merry Widow", which was actually pretty good. But I was thrilled to be able to add it to the "seen" column, so thanks.

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Without getting too political, because I know what that can lead to on these boards, I wonder what kind of chord this film about a dictatorial bully overthrown by his underlings struck in 1935 Germany.

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*Oh gosh - You just took my dream trip - London, Prague and Edinburgh!*



*I've been to London twice and could go back again and again, but I long to go to the other two cities...*



*It's great to have you back!*


Thanks! I'm still getting back into the swing of being back in Seattle.


I fell in love with London almost immediately and I'm still suffering post-London withdrawal, which I've been dealing with by watching episodes of Law and Order UK. :) Prague is second only to Paris in terms of beauty, in my humble opinion. I can't wait to see it again. Edinburgh was just so interesting and odd-you can see why Robert Louis Stevenson got inspiration to write Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The whole city had this unebelievable atmosphere to it. It's not a city for wimps, to be sure. :)

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I have recently developed a keen interest in all things Holmesian, from the serious to silly, so tonight's line up is looking pretty good. Added bonus of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde equals a good Sunday night for this kid. I guess I better get the chores out of the way so I can enjoy it.

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Thursday, March 10th



*The Searchers* (1956) Italy

(Click Through On Image to Access Larger Versions. Choose "Actions" and then Select "View All Sizes".)


Pick of TCM Staffer Scott McGee, one of the most creative persons from "On-Air Creative" and the man behind many of the most memorable (and notorious) TCM promos.

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*"YAY! Thanks for picking Wagon Master today, Kyle! It's such a great movie!"* - JackFavell


And Ben Johnson has nothing to do with your feelings about the film, right?




Thanks for chiming in. I feel like I've let you down lately as you've been so quiet.


Kyle In Hollywood

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