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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery


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Maybe he doesn't realize how many fans he has here.


Kyle is one of the most sensible, polite, and intelligent people we have on this board.


Politically he seems to be a centrist, and regarding many other topics he's quite an interesting guy to read and to talk to.


Maybe he's just resting for a while. I guess we can't all be here every day all the time.


I'm glad he's ok.

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*...all the bashing and the negative turn the boards have taken...* - lzcutter


I lump all negative posters in with trolls. They too serve no useful purpose but to offend and annoy. If people would stop responding to them, they'd all disappear and we'd have a nice community again. I would love nothing more than to see their threads with zero replies. Fat chance. :-(

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To the followers of this thread -


I apologise for leaving you all in the lurch this month and creating needless worry amongst you. The compliments and concern expressed in here the past few weeks is very thoughtful of you. As Lynn said, I am fine.


As a HalloweenTreat, here are links that finish what was started and to some other stuff.


The Complete Daily Images for October can be seen here -



The Complete Buster Keaton Images and Halloween Week Images can be seen here -



A Complete Gallery for November can be seen here -





Also -

Expanded/Special Galleries that I never got around to posting but always wanted to share.



"Festa Cine Alfredo"





Rare "Special Edition" Studio Posters -





Pin-Ups and Chorus Girls including artwork by famous Pin-Up artists





"Unseen" Luigi Martinati





And a Gallery of specially selected images -




Be good to one another.


Copy of Colt01


Kyle In Hollywood

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The phrase "a gentleman and a scholar" is used so casually that the real ones don't always register as clearly as they should. You, Kyle, are the real thing. And the bravest thing a person can do is to hang up his gun. You've left us with a great image, a fitting capper to all your great images. Whether this is a goodbye or a well-earned hiatus, please know that you're loved and appreciated.

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You have always been a gracious and good friend here at TCM. In my time here you were patient and helpful and fun. You were encouraging, notably in my early attempts at the Program Challenge. You were quick with congratulations when I won. You were always eager to share your knowledge. All those things I will remember.


You remembered I liked Stan and Ollie and often gave me posters and pictures. Though I may not have always responded (sorry about that) they were always appreciated.


A large void exists here until your return. I hope that day comes and the sooner the better.


Thanks for all you did. For now, Hail and Farewell.

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For some unknown but frustrating reason I have been unable to log on the TCM Boards for the last week, but somehow got on this morning.


I also have to say you've been a class act all the way and if you're "hanging up your guns" for any period of time, I hope it's short.


Thanks for all the images and words!

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