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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery

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Thanks so much for that *Musketeers* poster with Doug, Sr.


I keep hoping that one of these days TCM will run this version along with the sequel, *The Iron Mask*.


Hey, the *Grapes of Wrath* is coming to TCM, anything is possible!

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> {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> >

> > Hey, the *Grapes of Wrath* is coming to TCM, anything is possible!


> It is? When I looked it up it says currently not scheduled....


It is scheduled for The Essentials on Oct. 14, 2009:


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kyle, that poster in swedish is really cool, it already has me excited to watch that movie and i had never even heard of it. hope the poster is not better than the movie!


it is also exciting to know that 'grapes of wrath" is going to be showing on tcm, it has been a long time sinc we've seen it but it is really one of henry fonda's best movies ever. and if alec bladwin is ther to introduce it, so much the better.


frank - i don't know if that was a dirty joke you just told at my expense. i hope it was not, but many people here say you are known to be cruel to texas girls. if that is the case please know i do not apprecite some guy i barely even know telling a dirty joke and ask you do not do that again. if it wasnt a dirty joke, then it is just great your helping mrs. grimes with all the household chores, maybe we dont need to hear about your dirty laundyr, but you should also be helping her with taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and cleaning up around the house. if you cook for her regularly, even better!

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> {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote}

> The poster for " The Man in the Iron Mask" looks like a science fiction horror in which the couple is threatened by some evil robot from Mars


Well, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who was temporarily confused by the poster. Since I was scrolling down the thread and didn't see the title right away, for a second there I must have thought "What? *The Rocketeer* is on TCM today?".


Then I realized what poster it actually was. :P

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Don't let Cinemascope get you down, Miss G. That's what she wishes to do. She's looking to hurt others. Stalking and deception are her fun and you are to take it and take it and take it and keep taking it and like it. That's what you have been told to do. If only others could see it. Maybe it's time they put on some glasses. B-)

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_*Kyle:*_ That is really a scorching hot poster. Your poster collection is without a question the best I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing them with us.


*_Frank:_* It is a very sad day when you see the good guys start to act like the bad guys. I'm a crusty old cynic and even I am surprised that you resort to the kind of Karl Rove-like smear attacks that this country is by and large so very tired of. I never had any fondness for the person that you allude to, but she's gone and all the tired old paranoia is starting to wear thin. (And how convenient it is to forget others who led to the forum meltdown, like stoneyburke and vistavisionking). It is particularly sad when you use vague innuendo to suggest that people who post in this forum aren't who they say they are. You should know full well that it is against the Code of Conduct to do that. It seems you and others have made a very deliberate attempt to ostracize certain people in the forum, using as a convenient scapegoat someone who doesn't even post here anymore and hasn't posted for years. No doubt you'll be quick to make some snarky suggestion that I am someone else, or some vague (and absolutely false) sock innuendo. It would be better if you would show a little maturity and not engage in that type of disgraceful vendettas against those who came to the forum and have by far and large shown they want nothing more than to chitchat about the movies that TCM plays.


So, if nothing else, play fair and stop the innuendos, which will at the very least show that you respect the site's TOS and the forum CoC.


Oh, and have a nice day.


Message was edited by: TruthBeTold

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