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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery

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Miss Goddess, please don't budge for no one. You stay put. You've been a pleasant and informative member of these boards for a long time, and along with others I have enjoyed your contributions.

If someone manages to get under your skin banish that person with the ignore button. Poof!

I've been on this site for years and believe me I've had my share of Trolls, most of whom are gone now. It's just as well since I'm getting too old for such BS.

Hang in there. This too shall pass.


I'm looking forward to "The Grapes of Wrath" on TCM this fall, one of my favorite films. Thanks for the heads up Miss G.


Kyle, your thread is superior and I love it.

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I like the *Sahara* poster. Usually I'm kind of old-fashioned in that I think black-and-white movies are best served by posters that are b&w as well, or have muted colors, like the *Casablanca* poster. However this poster took quite the opposite approach, and it's very striking.


I don't mind it because I have already seen the movie. If I had never seen *Sahara*, though, I might get the impression that it would be in dazzling Technicolor, like *Gardens of Allah*, and not in crisp b&w like Wilder's *Five Graves to Cairo*. But it is still a terrific movie, and Bogie couldn't be better.

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FrankGrimes: A scholar and a gentleman and a hand out to a damsel in distress. That's why I cyber-love ya!


Mongo: I'm with you!!! But it's a shame MissGoddess is not on the board to read our encouragement. Damn!


TruthBeTold: WoW!! That was fast. On your first post I have to put you on . Whew! That made my head spin.


Hywdkjk: Sorry to poop on your thread. But you know how we feel about MissGoddess. And I must send kudoes to you for being the first poster to have your question read and answered by Robert Osborne. And lzcutter: congrats to you as well for getting your question in there.


Message was edited by CineMaven because...well because.

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Bon Jour Mlle. -


Because you are at 100% on the MoviePosterMeter, click through on this copy of the image to access a truly large version of the poster.


(Choose "All Sizes")


From an accompanying description for the film poster -

"Believed to have been the inspiration for Charles Chaplin's "Modern Times" (1936), this classic French comedy became the first non-English film ever nominated for an Oscar. "Modern Times" was so similar to "? Nous la Libert?," that Films Sonores Tobis sued Chaplin for plagiarism, a suit that was later settled. This beautiful poster displays art by the great Jean Adrien Mercier."


Kyle In Hollywood


Message was edited by: hlywdkjk

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Kyle, I have been enjoying this thread for some time. I am especially entranced by that Caesar and Cleopatra art with Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh. Beautiful. And the Marion Davies' posters.

Lovely. Thanks for working so diligently keep sharing these beautifully touching and historical posters!

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I was not going to say anything but I can't let this one pass. Since you seem to know quite well some of the details of what has become known around here as the "great meltdown" two years ago this very month, I can only imagine that you are a long-time lurker.


But to call CS a scapegoat to make your point when, in fact, she was one of the main instigators of that meltdown is disingenuous to say the least.




I hope there comes a time again very soon when you will feel comfortable posting here again. You are a long time member of this board and your thoughts and rambles have been appreciated very much.


It is very ironic that almost two years to the day we find ourselves in such similar circumstances where people are reluctant to post and watching from the sidelines to see what happens.


Message was edited by: lzcutter

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Congratulations on reaching 4000 posts, Kyle! And how apropos that it's on your

wonderful poster thread.


Your impeccable sense of timing, your willingness to help others, and your terrific sense

of humor make this board a better place. But it's your genuine kindness that is most

appreciated. I thank you for that. Congrats, and many more.


If only...

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*lzcutter* wrote:




>I hope there comes a time again very soon when you will feel comfortable posting here again. You are a long time member of this board and your thoughts and rambles have been appreciated very much.


May I add a two cents and say that I certainly agree with the above. I am a Johnny-come-lately and as is my wont a little behind the curve and not quite sure what is going on and what has happened as I have not widely read the forum of late and I don't really feel like being a busybody and going back to inform myself of the matter...but not having you here, *Miss Goddess*, is nothing less than a shock to me. We all have to do what we have to do but I am hoping most fervently that you will see your way to come back to us. Not having you here is just not right. I am quite sincere when I say that if it is possible that a forum can be diminished by the absence of a single member, then I say that this is what's happening with you not here.

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Congratulations on 4000 great posts Kyle you have always been helpful in answering my many questions on this board. :) I don't comment here often but I do check in here regularly to see your great posters.


I would also agree very much with the other posters about MissGoddess. I know she will see these posts and I want her to know that we really miss her around here. Others have said it better than I can but her absence is a great loss to this board!

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I do try to read the words all of you kind people---and your words here embarass and shame me

for my absence. I can only plead too many outside stresses at present prevent me from

being able to deal with those that presently occur here. Till things improve or until I get up my

courage again, I continue to "lurk" and enjoy the "rambles", posters, quips and opinions---and to

miss you all so much. I'm very grateful to know such a fine group.


Carry on!


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Very interesting poster for *The Devil and Miss Jones*, Kyle. Looking at it, one might never guess it's a movie that is ultimately about labor relations. But it seems to me that Jean Arthur was enough of a draw in the early 40's to make her the chief selling point of the movie. B-)


Lynn, I almost wish I could touch on something you said in another thread, but since you bring it up. Why would people be reluctant to post? For the first year or so that I was here, most people seemed super friendly. Things really seemed to have changed after those discussions about gay rights in November. It seems very odd to me (and unfortunate) that some folks in the forum should have started cold-shouldering others just on account of their position regarding gay rights - even in other discussions that were 100% about movies. The thing that really brings us all here ultimately is our love for classic films. Even if someone's opinion on political issues is different from mine, I'm not going to give them the cold shoulder after having treated them as friends for at least a year. It is hard for me to imagine why someone would treat other TCM viewers as friends for a long time only to give them the cold shoulder over stuff like that.

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Kyle... as a usual "spectator" only of your thread... first let me apologize for butting in on what should just be about your posters... but in response to some of the RIDICULOUS statements made by... one or two ... or still one individual...


Funny thing about "truth"... it is not open to interpretation.. And yet...sometimes it is easy to interpret from where the "interpretation of truth" originates... based on the words of the interpreter. (try saying THAT 3 times fast) :-)


Thank you for putting up with my brief interuption... and now.. I HOPE... back to your excellent posters pics...

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Sorry again Kyle... I give you my word of honor... because when I do that...I really AM being truthful... this will be my last interruption of your thread...


But I just have to say this... since we are all just "joking"...


Some folks handle the truth better than others...


While still others handle the truth so much that when they get finished with the handling....NOBODY is fooled into thinking it is the truth anymore...


Again...forgive the interruption...

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