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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery

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*"What a creative poster pairing, Kyle! Her Gilded Cage and "Back in your gilded cage, Melanie Daniels." Nicely done!"* - FrankGrimes


Thanks. I am glad someone has noticed that some forethought went into the selection of the Pre-Oscar and Post-Oscar pairings . But I think today's pair is the most "inspired". It made me grin to match them up.


I was also fond of pairing *The More The Merrier* and *The Unholy Three* - but I scuttled that one to save the images for another day.


Kyle In Hollywood

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What? It's Friday the 13th and there's no poster a broken mirror or a black cat or someone walking under a ladder? :)


I'm just joshing-Topper is one of my favorote movies and I love this poster.


Be careful out there today-whatever you do, don't go camping. :)

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Heh, good point about Friday the 13th. ;)


I like the artwork in the *Topper* poster very much. I don't know whether these foreign posters typically took the artwork that was provided to them by the studios or if they commissioned a local artist to do it. But, either way, it looks great.


Buster Keaton... love him. Hat or no hat. :P

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*"Not only did you just make my day (as I suspect you knew you would) you made me forget about being sick..."* - Mlle. Minya


Sorry to hear you're "malade". Rest up. I hope you are up dancing on the table tops soon.


And for the "purists" -



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