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Kyle In Hollywood's CENSORED Poster Gallery

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A fine day to you, SoKyle! -- You had to know this sap would fall for a Born to Kill poster. Ahhhh, Claire Trevor. She's wonderful in most everything, but she's at her very best in this one.


And I really enjoyed your Al Hirschfeld "tribute." That was terrific. I never heard of the guy until I joined this board. Thanks for enlightening this unenlightened sap.

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> {quote:title=visualfeast wrote:}{quote}

> Seems Mr. Reagan, more than anyone else, co-starred with more actresses who were never seen nor heard from again.


On the other hand, if he'd never gone into politics, how many would still remember who Ronald Reagan was?

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Hey Chief,


That is seriously one weird poster for *Rocky* . I get that its' supposed to be boxing gloves shaped like two halves of a heart but it just looks creepy to me.


Do you suppose they will play the old folks home homage to *Rocky* before the film tonight?





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SILENT FILM ENTHUSIASTS UNITE!! Hello guys I don't mean to bother you guys but here's the thing.


I submitted an entry for the State Bar of Texas YouTube Contest, where we had to make a video about the ideals that unite us.


Our group saw some of the entries and noticed how dull and boring they were, so we decided to do something different to shake things up and bring a new element to the table.


We decided to make a silent film! However, we are currently in second place and are far behind the guy in first. Please help me out, and visit this link:




Your help is greatly appreciated. Help me chalk one up for the silent films!!

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Gee, you guys. I liked it.


I thought it was an inspired visualization of the film's themes. And definitely different than an American poster. So few posters for contemporary films are truly interesting - foreign or not.


Kyle In Hollywood

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i like it too, kyle. its unconventional, sure, but i cant imagine what the movie must have seemed to the people of poland at the time. maybe to them this is the image that best represented what the4 movie was about. movie posters from the eastern european coutnries, for my taste, are usually REALLY different, but that doesnt mean i dont like them. they do take some gettin' used to, though.

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