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Yeah I really like Bird with the CP from Argento..although Deep Red is still my favorite..but Bird is a close 2nd..

Alligator People (TAP) shouldve been an MST3K experiement, considering it had Rocky Jones as the monster and the EFX are so bad theyre good..Oh and of course Beverly Garland

I watched the Shining DVD last night ! Heres Johnny !! :)

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Don't forget Argento's greatest, "Inferno"--the color and lghting are fabulous. Also, you can't go wrong with "Tourist Trap" and those terrifying, living dummies! (the wooden kind,not the actors). There's also a real art house treat from London that was shown continuously on TV back in the early fifties Corridor of Mirrors, with the beautiful Ramsay Ames look-a-like, Edana Romey, and is out on DVD, made by film great, Eric Porter. I still like watching "White Zombie", back-to-back with "Carnival of Souls"--both notable for their great black-and-white photography. Now, it's back into the quicksand since I can't find no Tanna leaves. (Acquanetta, where did you hide'em?)

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My favorite Argento films are "Bird with Crystal Plumage," "Inferno" and "Tenebrae." I couldn't get as excited about "Deep Red" and "Suspira" as most people seem to, although they have their moments. Anyone who has seen Carpenter's "Halloween" needs to see "Deep Red," which came out a few years earlier.


However, I think Argento's "Opera" and "Phantom of the Opera" should be avoided. Those films sail past my minimum plausibility requirements.

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