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Yeah, if someone gets banned, it looks like all of their posts get deleted. 


Or maybe not. I just looked at a post by someone I know was banned, and it's still there. But you can't click on their name to view a profile, and it says "Banned" instead of  "Member" under their avatar pic. And darkblue's doesn't say that, so he's not gone. Celebrate or mourn the news as you see fit.

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Yeah, if someone gets banned, it looks like all of their posts get deleted. That's why I'm pretty sure darkblue wasn't banned. And I don't think he was suspended either, as he was on this afternoon, anyway.


You should had been here back in 2007, it was the heyday of personal attacks before the moderator took control.  The biggest Flame War ever was over Jane Fonda. One BANNED poster (I'll abbreviate Met______r)  spent an entire evening writing an attack speech that took 2 pages, he use words I never encountered before (saved it for history in my Clipboard files).  Have to admit, never laugh so hysterically in my life.


We'll never see stuff  like that again.

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It is so ironic that you would make these comments yet appear to side with Dark Blue on this thread. Everything highlighted in your quote by me applies to him TEN FOLD. Except one more thing, when angered he also resorts to physical threats on posters. Now that's a bully!


Even your use of the word "cabal." You been talking to him on a PM? Don't answer that. I really don't care. But he knows all about that word, too, believe me.


Sorry if we can't all agree with your bigoted buddy.

It is obvious that you and DB have an ongoing grudge. Don't assume that people 'side' with anybody on these boards, just because that appears to be your constitution, it is not mine.


I am quite certain that if we were discussing topics face-to-face, there would not be the vitriolic behaviour and childishness that goes on here when discussions are adverse in nature.


I am retired now but worked in one of the most highly charged and adverse areas that I can think of, that being Law. We had a lot of diverse opinions and had to conduct ourselves with a very regimented code of conduct 'My Friend'.


If you wish to discuss this further, PM me. Otherwise, just stop with the insults and conjectures that have no evidence.

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He SHOULD perhaps think of starting his own website where other Neanderthal mouthbreathers can drag their knuckles over to and wallow in discriminatory self righteousness.





Darkblue was kicked off for expressing his views, and from the reaction by a couple of posters it's not hard to figure it out.


This all started over Sharia Law, and while some in here feel that pointing out what Sharia Law entails should be regarded as religious intolerance,  it is actually the opposite >>>>>> as enforcing Sharia Law in the U.S. would be unconstitutional for its own intolerance.


As I said earlier, i would love to see Sharia Law imposed on the liberal states because it wouldn't last more than a day when they have to live under it. This is about religious law, and debating that should be open when it's unconstitutional.


You cannot legally impose religion on other people in the United States.

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