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Heist Movie from the 60s, Maybe

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Does anyone remember this heist movie? I think the scene showed a truck parked over a manhole where the robbers are at work stealing gold bars, something like that, and a robber standing next to the truck, acting as a lookout, says something to his buddy in the manhole about "Gold!" and he says it a little too loud, and notices that he's attracted the attention of a cop nearby, so he pretends to be cold, and he says "It's cold" to throw the cop off.

I don't remember anything else about the movie. This little bit has always stuck in my head.


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See if this is the film; check at the 40 minute mark for the scene you asked about. My knowledge of Italian is limited (even though I'm Italian), but I think this is what you are looking for. I actually saw this film in a theater when it first came out.

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Looks like you're going to have to break down and tell the name of the movie.  I seem to remember a heist movie where a hole in a truck was used to access a hole in a street to rob--something.


Here is what scsu1975 posted.  With a few clicks, you can find it on Youtube too.


7 uomini d'oro (1965)


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That looks like it, but I saw it dubbed into English. I don't speak Italian either, though I'm also of Italian descent!

Thank you very much! I'll look for a dubbed version.

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