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"Along with James Stewart, Cary Grant was Hitchcock most-used actor"

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Of course, when one thinks of these two great actors in their Hitchcock roles, it's the lead performances we are talking about.


What do people think of these actors (in their Hitch films), and do you prefer one over the other?  I know the general thought is that Stewart is more the Everyman and Grant is romantic.      

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I agree with the assessment that James Stewart was more of the every day man.  He seems fairly average on all accounts and in his films, he gets into situations that the average person **could** get in to.


Cary Grant on the other hand, is more sophisticated and romantic.  He is in more upscale locales (To Catch a Thief's French Riviera, for example) and is caught up in more "glamorous" events.  He also is able to carry off the more sexual innuendo-laden lines (see Grant and Grace Kelly's picnic scene in 'Thief') that would sound unnatural coming from Stewart. 


It seems that Hitch alternated between Stewart and Grant depending on the type of person he wanted.  I heard that Stewart wanted Grant's role in North By Northwest, but Hitchcock didn't think Stewart had the look that he wanted for the film.  


I've read on multiple occasions that Ingrid Bergman was Hitchcock's favorite actress, which is interesting because Hitchcock wasn't known to have nice things to say about actors in general--which could be why he liked to collaborate with the same small group over and over.  Bergman appeared in three Hitchcock films: Notorious, Spellbound and Under Capricorn.  'Capricorn' unfortunately, is NOT among Bergman or Hitchcock's best films.  


Hitchcock also cast Grace Kelly in three films: Dial M For Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.  He also wanted her for Marnie, but Kelly, by then Princess Grace of Monaco, had to turn the role down because it was thought that the role would be unbecoming of a Princess (though Kelly wanted to make the film).  

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I mentioned this elsewhere, but I'll do it again.  At the end of the video lecture on Rear Window there was a clip of a Hitch interview where he said Cary Grant was the star of Rear Window.  A curious mistake.

I just watched that and saw that too. Was figuring someone else noticed it as well.

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Rank the 8 Films of Hitchcock Grant/Or Stewart.


1. Vertigo

2. Notorious

3. Rear Window

4. North By Northwest

5. The Man Who Knew Too Much

6. Rope

7. Suspicion

8. To Catch A Thief


That's how I'd order them. All 8 great films but definite highs and lows for both actors with Hitchcock.

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I was thinking of Mr. Carroll too. I couldn't remember the full count of films, which turns out to be six.


(I guess the distinction was that Mr. Carroll was always a supporting actor, not the star.)

I double-checked and counted Hitchcock films for Leo G. Carroll. I wonder though, if it's possible he had a brief or uncredited performance in any films early in his career. 

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