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Silver Screen Oasis has a Guest Star for November

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Hey guys,


I wanted to let everyone know that author and film historian, Robert Birchard, is going to be the November Guest Star at the Silver Screen Oasis: www.silverscreenoasis.com


He will be there beginning Monday, Nov. 12th and will be there until Friday, Nov. 16th.


So please feel free to drop by the Oasis and ask Mr. Birchard some questions regarding his books or silent films, especially.


Here is some background info on Bob:


Robert S. Birchard is an award-winning film editor and a writer who brings an insider's perspective and a great affection for the people who work in the picture business to his chronicles of the movies.


He is the author of

Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood (2004),

Silent Era Filmmaking in Santa Barbara (2007),

and King Cowboy: Tom Mix and the Movies (1993)


He is a contributing writer to the omnibus volumes:

M-G-M: When the Lion Roars

and Don Miller's Hollywood Corral.


His articles on Hollywood filmmakers have appeared in American Cinematographer, Statement, Film History, The Moving Image, Griffithiana, Daily Variety and Los Angeles Times Calendar.


He is a past president and current board member of the preservation organization Hollywood Heritage, Inc. and is current president of The Society for Cinephiles/Cinecon which presents the annual Cinecon Classic Film Festival and contributes to film preservation projects.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just a friendly reminder that author, film historian, preservationist and Cinecon member Robert S Birchard will be joining us at the Silver Screen Oasis for the week beginning Monday.


So, please join us over there and feel free to join in the conversation!

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The Bob Birchard thread at the Silver Screen Oasis begins today. Mr. Birchard has already stopped by and will be answering queries about everything from silent films to the present day from today, November 12th through Friday, November 16th. I hope that you'll stop by to read what promises to be an interesting thread and even to ask a question of our accomplished visitor.

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I hope that they can remove my suspension.


That was not polite... because although I may have posted very big images, I wanted to SHARE the original file and I was always posting things that were pertinent and in context to the subject.


And nobody can probe that it was not the case.

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The matter has been resolved and the misunderstanding cleared up. As was indicated in the PM that was sent to you earlier today, all you have to do is reply to it and you will be re-instated. Bob Birchard is at the SSO until Friday, so I hope you will come back!

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I tried to join but can't figure out the registration.... it says I have to email a moderator BUT I can't get access to any info without logging in..... I can't log in til my account is okayed..... I registered this morning but never got a response of any kind.......

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Unfortunately, I cannot log in.


This is sad, I wanted to ask him about the title of the Paramount film for which this tango is the title tune (I have a larger scan of the cover, and of the actual score):




I did manage to get a photo of composer C?tulo Castillo receiving his award (long before TCM run their silent film music contests, Paramount in 1925 awarded this tango as the title tune of their film)


I had the idea that the film is actually MANHANDLED... but I am not really convinced.


A recording of the tango can be heard here: http://www.esnips.com/doc/c8749d28-1d66-4399-bf44-1b25f8be7e26/Francisco-Canaro---Juguete-de-placer---01-07-1925


Not surprisingly... I feel that this tango is much better than the film itself.

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Swanson did a tango sequence with Valentino in BEYOND THE ROCKS in 1922 but the scene was apparently lost.... I didn't see it in the surviving and recently discovered print, although there was a scene that led up to a dance......

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In her autobiography, Swanson talks about the tango scene, how the set was filled with visitors who wanted to watch, and the white bugle-beaded lace dress she wore that "they talked about for a year."

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This tango is from 1925.


Most of Paramount pictures (they were known by that name and never as Famous Players-Lasky, nor with the name of any other production company) arrived with a considerable delay during the silent era for several years. The same happened with the majority of all studios, even though Argentina was the 7th film consumer in the world... a distinction that continues as to this day.


That changed during 1923 when Max Gl?cksmann took over as its distributor, and most of its major films arrived faster to Buenos Aires, specially after the following year when it opened is Argentine distribution branch.


In 1922 Swanson starred in a film called "My American Wife", directed by Sam Wood, that takes place in Argentina, although not much is known about it, except that the Argentine consul in Los Angeles complained about liberties in its depiction of Argentina (for which technical adviser and future director Harry D'Arrast, himself an Argentine, told the consul that all was just business).


The lyrics of the tango (written Jos? Gonz?**** Castillo, himself a filmmaker and the composer's father) deal with an extremely bad woman who suddenly discovers that she has a heart and suffers because of that.


Anyway, BEYOND THE ROCKS was certainly released before this tango was even written.

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To those who had trouble registering, your memberships are now active. I apologize for the problem.


I would prefer not making people jump through the hoop of having an administrator approve memberships -- it's the last thing I wanted. Unfortunately, we have 20 or more spammers a DAY trying to register, and that's the only way we can weed them out. If we didn't, there would be tons of pornographers, travel companies and mortgage brokers posting to the site.


Unlike TCM, SSO is not a for-profit company. All maintenance and hosting fees for the site are paid out of my own pocket as a labor of love. We don't even ask for or accept donations.


The downside is that sometime I get really busy at my real job and don't have the time to check in. That happened yesterday. I am not about to discourage silent film fans in particular from joining, since that's my main area of interest and want to encourage more discussion.


In any event, your memberships are both active now, and I hope you enjoy our discussion with Mr. Birchard. And again, I apologize for the problems in registering.

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Sorry to reply so late - I just read this. I thought BEYOND THE ROCKS was a Rudolph Valentino film with a different actress. He was a spoiled rich kid who was shanghied from San Francisco, and was picked up when the ship he was on wrecked off the Mexican coast. It was a delightful movie where the actress was a tomboy who was the daughter of the ship's captain and basically raised like a boy.


It wasn't Gloria Swanson, though.


I only see silent movies when they're on TCM, unfortunately. I wish they had more than just Silent Sunday nights, although I'm grateful they have that!



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