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A easier way to find shorts on the monthly schedule????


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Perhaps I have been doing this the hard way, and everyone else has already figured this out...but if not...I was going day by day to find the shorts on regular TCM schedule, the daily one I knew was updated with the shorts now scheduled and that was taking awhile. Then I wondered if the monthly schedule showed shorts, or it was just created once, and not updated, unless there was a death that would rearrange the schedule.


So, long story somewhat shorter,(not really! ;) ) I went to the monthly schedule ( http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/'>http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/'>http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/'>http://www.tcm.com/schedule/month/ )scrolled down a few days, and saw yes, just like the daily schedule there on the 5th at 7:36, the Charlie Chase film Panic Is On (1931)was listed there!


Then, I thought, hmm, why not search for the words "short film" and see what shows up? So, went up to edit (On internet explorer browser) , then on the drop down menu clicked on find on this page, and put in the words short film, and clicked on next, over and over to see what shorts I found with these words in front of the title. So, I found several including Nov 8th 9:49 PM Short Film: Spade Cooley: King Of Western Swing (1945)


BW-10 mins,




on the 9th(really the 10th) 5:41 AM Short Film: Service With A Smile (1934)

The owner of a burnt down gas station attempts to fool his insurance company by embellishing the description of his business but finds the joke is on him. Cast: Leon Errol, Maxine Doyle Dir: Roy Mack C-17 mins


The 9th/10th seems to be as far out as either schedule goes...so, is this a better way to find future shorts, or do you guys like to go day by day???



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thanx for the heads up but this might be a little easier for you. Simply pull up the monthly schedule, hit control f to pull up search (find) box...type in shorts or chase or anything else you want to find and then keep clicking next.....go to the next month and do the same.....



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