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[b]TCM Programming Challenge #8[/b] - It's Sinful!


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The TCM Programming Challenge #8 - It's Sinful!


Today is the start of the next TCM Programming Challenge. This is a friendly "competition" among members of the TCM Message Boards at programming a week of Turner Classic Movies.


For this Challenge, I promised you all a KISS - "Keep It Simple, Stupid"(meaning Me!) - so in this Challenge there wil be just one Special Programming Theme to incorporate into your week. But you must also include a single "confessional" film of your own selection into your schedule anyway you choose. More on that later.


Here are the Programming Challenge basics to creating your week of TCM -


- Create one week of programming for TCM that runs from Sunday to Saturday. Start your programming days at the appropriate hour (6am EST / 3amPST, etc.) and begin each evening's Primetime Selections at the appropriate hour. (8pm EST / 5pm PST, etc.)

- Choose A Star Of The Month to spotlight one evening during your week.

- include the following TCM Showcases during the week - The Essentials, Silent Sunday Nights, TCM Imports and TCM Underground.

- have a theme for for each of the remaining evenings during the week including one evening devoted to the theme for this Challenge -THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS.


The Seven Deadly Sins - those moral flaws of mortals that are often the basis for most great stories. They are -






Greed aka Avarice or Covetousness


Sloth aka Laziness or Apathy


Wrath aka Anger, Hatred or Prejudice


Envy aka Jealousy


Pride aka Vanity, Narcissism or Arrogance


Pick a "sin" from this list and program one evening of films that you feel illustrates your choice in whatever manner you like. More on the "Seven Deadly Sins" can be found at this wikipedia article -



And the final programming element to this Challenge is a small one but still ties into the larger "Sin" theme. Somewhere in your schedule, in any place you choose or in any place it fits, include one film that you sheepishly, ashamedly, red-faced to admit it, "It's practically a sin for me to say this but I have never seen.... Insert Film Title Here" film selection. It should be that "one" film (or, in my case, one of many) that fate has somehow kept you from seeing but it seems like all other film fans has seen. The film can be included anywhere in your schedule and can be any type of film - a "classic", a foreign film, a silent film. Makes no difference. Even the most fanatical of film fans must have one embarrassing "hole" in their film-viewing repertoire. And who knows. By including it here it just might end up on TCM someday so you don't have to talk about it in a whisper anymore.


For this Challenge I will retain the limit of seven general premieres set down in the last Challenge and, as before, the TCM Imports, TCM Underground and Silent Sunday Nights Showcases can be programmed with any appropriate film without having to use one of the seven "all-purpose" premieres for your selection.


The film libraries (with hyperlinks) for use in this Challenge are -

Warner Bros. (pre-1950)


MGM (all)


RKO (all)


Columbia Pictures (all)


United Artists (after 1950)


Samuel Goldwyn (all)


Walt Disney (Live Action only)


And, as always, you are free to program any film that has already been presented on TCM regardless of library affiliation and should be designated with a "p/s" symbo l(designating "previously scheduled"). And you can find running times for your film selections by using IMDB.com or TCMDB.com to research your titles.


Other elements to consider programming into a schedule include recognizing star birthdays, film anniversaries and other historical commemorations along with a broad selection of film genres, award winners and other films of cultural or historical importance. If one is looking for some exceptional examples of past Challenge submissions, you can read through past Challenge threads using these links -


Challenge #7

Challenge #6

Challenge #5

Challenge #4

Challenge #3

Challenge #2

or the original from the immortal Path40a

Challenge #1


Submissions for schedules ends at midnight on Saturday December 8th after which there will be a one week period for voting to determine who will have the honor of moderating the next Challenge.


Post away if there are any questions and thanks to everyone for their patience as I put this announcement together.


Now, get to work on your Sins!


Kyle In Hollywood


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Let me just make certain I understand: only one of the nights has to be based on a deadly sin, right?


If so, then I'm thrilled: I've had a bunch of ideas going through my head since the end of the last challenge, and one of them will be quite easy to fit into the "Seven Deadly Sins" theme, so I feel like I've already got a leg up on getting my schedule complete. :-)

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Hello All -


"...only one of the nights has to be based on a deadly sin, right?" - Fedya


Yes. Just one night during the week should be "themed out" around a Deadly Sin. I will go back and re-write the OP to make sure it is clearer. I got a message from someone else asking the same question.


I am pleased to see so many of you are ready to start again on the Challenge. (Actually, it sounds like you were all ready before me. Sorry about the delay.) And Ihope that the smplicity of this Challenge attracts some new particiapnts. I will assist anyone needing some guidance (Look for a PM soon, KubrickBuff,) on completeing a schedule. It is really much easier than it seems once you learn a few tricks to the research and scheduling. It takes some time but it isn't difficult.


And is anyone else curious to hear about "Chip"s All Hallow's Eve of research that he mentioned in the other thread? Just how debauched was it?


Kyle In Hollywood

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Re: my research on the Seven Deadlies on All Hallow's Eve, Kyle...let's just say that I suspected a "Sins" theme in your Challenge from your hints (DUH), and I felt it my duty to get out there and research every single sin first hand. And Halloween made it easier to try and achieve it in one night.


All I am willing to say at this point is that I did personally research them all that night successfully --- though most of them were fairly regular and close to home anyway --- beyond that, to learn more just wait for my Challenge entry, coming very soon.


Kyle, what a great Challenge. NOTHING is more fun than SINNING!

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hehe ... Kyle, it's not such an achievement if you realize I generally knock four or five of those Sins off on any given day.


Back on topic, I am having so much fun with this Challenge. You did make it easier than past ones. Everyone who is reading this thread and debating trying it: go for it! It's really fun.


I don't want to point fingers, but anyone who is interested enough to be reading this thread and then decides not to give it a shot must be ... slothful.

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OK, here is my schedule. There is really nothing much to say about it, I am in love with Buster Keaton so I wanted to show a whole day of his films and I think that technology becoming man kinds new state of mind and our new flesh is a very interesting subject so I picked that and I also picked the movies that inspired me as a kid which you will see under the Action Adventure program and I put some tributes to my favorite filmmakers on the schedule like George Cukor and Frank Capra. I know that you will all hate this schedule and judge me for some of the films that I chose but oh well, I can live with that. Enjoy!





Buster Keaton Salute


6:00 AM The Play House (1922) 22 Min. First National Pictures

6:30 AM The Boat (1922) 25 Min. First National Pictures

7:00 AM The Paleface (1922) 20 Min. First National Pictures

7:30 AM The Blacksmith (1922) 25 Min. First National Pictures

8:00 AM The Frozen North (1922) 17 Min. First National Pictures

8:30 AM The Electric House (1922) 22 Min. First National Pictures

9:00 AM Daydreams (1922) 18 Min. First National Pictures

9:30 AM Our Hospitality (1923) 74 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

11:00 AM Sherlock Jr. (1924) 44 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

12:00 PM The Navigator (1924) 59 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

1:00 PM The General (1927) 75 Min. United Artists

2:30 PM The Cameraman (1928) 75 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

4:00 PM Free and Easy (1930) 92 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

6:00 PM The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960) 107 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)


We are the 80s


8:00 PM Tootsie (1982) 116 Min. Columbia Pictures

10:00 Starman (1984) 115 Min. Columbia Pictures



Silent Sunday Nights


12:00 AM City Lights (1931) 87 Min. Charles Chaplin Productions

1:45 AM The Circus (1928) 71 Min. Charles Chaplin Productions

3:00 AM The Kid (1921) 68 Min. Charles Chaplin Productions

4:15 AM Modern Times (1936) 87 Min. Charles Chaplin Productions




Action Adventure


6:00 AM The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) 126 Min. Warner Brothers

8:15 AM The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) 161 Min. Columbia Pictures

11:00 AM North by Northwest (1959) 136 Min. MGM

1:30 PM 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) 127 Min. Walt Disney

3:45 PM Gunga Din (1939) 117 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

5:45 PM Jaws (1975) 124 Min. Universal.


Technology Gone Awry


8:00 PM The Time Machine (1960) 103 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

10:00 PM 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 147 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

1:00 AM 2010 (1984) 116 Min MGM

3:00 AM The Terminator (1984) 108 Min. Orion Pictures

5:00 AM TCM Private Screenings: Patrice Neal (2004) 40 Min.




Salute to Filmmaker Stanley Kramer


6:00 AM On the Beach (1959) 134 Min. United Artists

8:30 AM Not as a Stranger (1955) 135 Min. United Artists

11:00 AM The Defiant Ones (1958) 97 Min. United Artists

12:45 PM Guess Who?s Coming to Dinner (1967) 108 Min. Columbia Pictures

2:45 PM Inherit the Wind (1960) 128 Min. United Artists

5:00 PM It?s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) 161 Min. United Artists


Star of the Month Tribute: Jimmy Stewart



8:00 PM Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) 129 Min. Columbia Pictures

10:30 PM Rear Window (1954) 112 Min. Paramount Pictures

12:30 AM Bend of the River (1952) 91 Min. Universal Pictures

2:15 AM The Shop Around the Corner (1940) 99 Min. MGM

4:00 AM The Rare Breed (1966) 97 Min. Universal Pictures





Salute to Filmmaker George Cukor


6:00 AM Little Woman (1933) 117 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

8:00 AM Holiday (1938) 95 Min. Columbia Pictures

9:45 AM Pat and Mike (1952) 95 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

11:30 AM Adam?s Rib (1949) 101 Min. MGM

1:15 PM Gaslight (1944) 114 Min. MGM

3:15 PM A Woman?s Face (1941) 106 Min. MGM

5:15 PM A Star is Born (1954) 154 Min. Warner Brothers



Seven Deadly Sins: Greed


8:00 PM The Maltese Falcon (1941) 101 Min. Warner Brothers

10:00 PM The Little Foxes (1941) 115 Min. MGM

12:00 AM Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) 114 Min. Columbia Pictures

2:00 AM The Prisoner of Zenda (1937) 101 Min. United Artists

4:00 AM The Naked Spur (1953) 91 Min. MGM




Salute to Frank Capra


6:00 AM Meet John Doe (1941) 122 Min, Warner Brothers

8:15 AM Lost Horizon (1937) 118 Min. Columbia Pictures

10:15 AM Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) 115 Min. Columbia Pictures

12:15 PM Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) 118 Min. Warner Brothers

2:15 PM Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) 129 Min. Columbia Pictures

4:30 PM It Happened One Night (1934) 105 Min. Columbia Pictures

6:15 PM Broadway Bill (1934) 104 Min. Paramount Pictures


We are a family


8:00 PM The Diary of Anne Frank (1959) 180 Min. 20th Century Fox

11:15 PM Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) 94 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

1:00 AM The Godfather (1972) 175 Min. Paramount Pictures

4:00 AM American Beauty (1999) 122 Min. Dreamworks





Salute to the Marx Brothers


6:15 AM Duck Soup (1933) 68 Min. Paramount Pictures

7:30 AM A Night at the Opera (1935) 96 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

9:15 AM A Day at the Races (1937) 111 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

11:15 AM Animal Crackers (1930) 97 Min. Paramount Pictures

1:00 PM Monkey Business (1931) 77 Min. Paramount Pictures

2:30 PM Horse Feathers (1932) 68 Min. Paramount Pictures

3:45 PM At the Circus (1939) 87 Min MGM

5:15 PM Room Service (1938) 78 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

6:35 PM Go West (1940) 80 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)


Troubled Teens


8:00 PM The Graduate (1967) 105 Min. Embassy Pictures

10:00 PM Rushmore (1998) (Premiere) 93 Min. Touchstone Pictures

11:45 PM Heavenly Creatures (1994) (Premiere) 108 Min. Miramax Films

2:00 AM TCM Underground: A Clockwork Orange (1971) (Premiere) 137 Min. Warner Brothers

4:30 AM Harold and Maude (1971) 91 Min. Paramount Pictures




Romantic Comedies (Cary Grant)


6:15 AM An Affair to Remember (1957) 119 Min. 20th Century Fox

8:30 AM My Favorite Wife (1940) 88 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

10:00 AM The Philadelphia Story (1940) 112 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

12:15 AM Monkey Businesses (1952) 97 Min. 20th Century Fox

2:15 PM To Catch A Thief (1955) 106 Min. Paramount Pictures

4:30 PM Bringing Up Baby (1938) 102 Min. RKO Radio Pictures

6:15 PM The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947) 97 Min. RKO Radio Pictures


Things that you don?t see or experience everyday


8:00 PM The Essentials: A Guy Named Joe (1943) 120 Min. Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

10:15 PM Ghostbusters (1984) (Premiere) 107 Min. Columbia Pictures

12:15 AM Men In Black (1997) 97 Min. Columbia Pictures

2:00 AM City of Angels (1998) (Premiere) 114 Min. Warner Brothers

4:00 AM Harvey (1950) 104 Min. Universal Pictures

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"I don't want to point fingers, but anyone who is interested enough to be reading this thread and then decides not to give it a shot must be ... slothful."


Chip just poked me in the eye with his pointing finger. How can I accomplish anything now? ;-)

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I participated in a schedule challenge. From the great schedule that I've seen so far, I am excited with how everyone else's schedules will turn out. Count me in on this challenge!! :)




"You're the detective. Don't ask me for answers."

~Jarvis Goodland (Ray Milland) ~ Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle


"You're crazy."

"Insane for my own good."

~Milly Stephenson (Myrna Loy) and Al Stephenson (Fredric March) ~ The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)


"Where the devil am I? I keep coming and going."

~Detective Sergeant Mark Dixon (Dana Andrews) ~ Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950)


"I thought you were a smart fella."

"So did I."

~Elmer Butts (Buster Keaton) and Larry Mitchell (Robert Montgomery) ~ Free and Easy (1930)

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patful, the sting from that tiny eye-poke will ease off in a few hours. the desolate shame you'll feel if you decide not to play the game --- the miserable lifelong knowledge that you COULD have made a difference, and yet looked away --- will NEVER go away. like lady macbeth, you'll never be able to wash your hands of the guilt.



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Kubrickbuff -


Congratulations on completing your schedule - and the first to be submitted in this Challenge. I think it is a fine schedule of programming for TCM and it is obviously full of films of which you are very fond. Nothing to hate about that. I wouild enjoy a lot of it (including A Clockwork Orange) myself.


Kyle In Hollywood


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Fredmill38 / Donna -


Glad you are "in" and I am sure everyone is excited to see what you bring to this "sinful" edition of the Challenge.


And there is plenty of time for anyone else to participate in Programming Challenge #8. The "rules" are found in the first post in this thread. If you have additional questions, just ask. I or another Challenge veteran.will chime with some advice and guidance.


So, go ahead and take a bite from the apple. I promise you won't be banished from this Eden. And the only shame will be if you DON'T participate.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hi my main 'movieman1957' -


The "confessional" film is a film which it seems everyone else has seen - or has seemingly been seen by most film fans but, for whatever reason, has slipped by you. Something along the lines of admitting that "I've never seen Gone With The Wind." The film can be of any genre or type - including silent or foreign. It need not be older either. Nashville was one of those "holes" in my background until TCM presented it last year.


Kyle In Hollywood

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MAY 4-10, 2008




6 AM: The Blue Bird (1940), dir Walter Lang, Fox, starring Shirley Temple, 88 min, TCM PREMIERE

7:30 AM: 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953), dir Roy Rowland, Columbia, starring Peter Lind Hayes, 89 min.


9 AM: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), dir. Mel Stuart, Paramount, starring Gene Wilder, 100 min TCM PREMIERE


10:45 AM: I'll Cry Tomorrow (1955), dir. Daniel Mann, MGM, starring Susan Hayward, 117 min


12:45 PM: Every Sunday (1936), dir by Felix Feist, MGM, starring Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin, 11 min

12:56: Bubbles (1930), dir by Roy Mack, WB, starring Judy Garland, 8 min

1:04: If I Forget You (1940), MGM, starring Judy Garland, 8 min


1:15 PM: East of Eden (1955), dir. Elia Kazan, WB, starring James Dean, 115 min, TCM PREMIERE

3:15 PM: Giant (1956), dir, George Stevens, WB, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, 198 min p/s

6:45 PM: Yentl (1983), dir. Barbra Streisand, MGM, starring Barbra Streisand, 132 min


9:00 PM: Fiddler on the Roof (1971), dir. Norman Jewison, Fox, starring Topol, Molly Picon, 181 min., p/s




Yiddish Films Restored by the National Center for Jewish Film

12:05 AM: Ost und West (East and West), (1923), dir. Sidney M. Golkdin and Ivan Anderson, Listo Film, starring Molly Picon. Austria. 61 min. (Silent)

1:15 AM: Yidl Mitn Fidl (Yiddle with his Fiddle) (1936), dir. Joseph Green, Jan Nowina-Przybylski, Green-Film, starring Molly Picon. Poland. 92 min.

3:00 AM: Mamele (Little Mother), 1938, dir. Joseph Green, Konrad Tom, Green-Film, starring Molly Picon. Poland. 102 min.

4:45 AM: Polish-Jewish Travelogues (1938/39): Jewish Life in Bialystock, Jewish Life in Cracow, Jewish Life in Lwow, Jewish Life in Vilna, A Day in Warsaw, Text and Narration by Asher Lerner, Sektor Films, 10 min each. Poland. 50 min.

5:45 AM: Come Blow Your Horn (1963), dir. Bud Yorkin, Paramount, starring Frank Sinatra, Molly Picon, 112 min. p/s

7:45 AM: Some Came Running (1958), dir Vincente Minnelli, MGM, starring Frank Sinatra, 137 min


10:15 AM: A Face in the Crowd (1957), dir. Elia Kazan, WB, starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, 125 min, p/s


12:30 PM: Stella Dallas (1937), dir. King Vidor, Goldwyn, starring Barbara Stanwyck, 106 min.


2:30 PM: Mad Miss Manton (1938), dir Leigh Jason, RKO, starring Barbara Stanwyck, 80 min

4:00 PM: The Footloose Heiress (1937), dir William Clemens, WB, starring Ann Sheridan, 59 min

5:00 PM: Nothing Sacred (1937), dir by William Wellman, Selznick/UA, starring Carole Lombard, 77 min, p/s

6:30 PM: Wise Girl (1937), dir Leigh Jason, RKO, starring Miriam Hopkins, 70 min.


8:00 PM: Double Indemnity (1944), dir. Billy Wilder, Paramount, starring Barbara Stanwyck, 107 min p/s

10:00 PM: The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946), dir. Tay Garnett, MGM, starring Lana Turner, John Garfield, 113 min



MIDNIGHT: The Fortune Cookie (1966), dir. Billy Wilder, UA, starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, 125 min

2:15 AM: The Nurse's Secret (1941), dir. Noel M. Smith, WB, starring Lee Patrick, 64 min

3:30 AM: Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947), dir. John Rawlins, RKO, starring Ralph Byrd, 60 min

4:30 AM: Dick Tracy, Detective (1945), dir. William A. Burke, RKO, starring Morgan Conway, 61 min


5:15 AM: The Bachelor Party (1957), dir. Delbert Mann (written by Paddy Chayefsky), UA, starring Don Murray, 92 min

7 AM: Middle of the Night (1959), dir Delbert Mann (written by Paddy Chayefsky), Columbia, starring Fredric March, Kim Novak, 118 min


9 AM: A Place in the Sun (1951), dir. George Stevens, Paramount, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Shelley Winters 122 min p/s


11:15 AM: The Trouble with Angels (1966), dir. Ida Lupino, Columbia, starring Hayley Mills, Rosalind Russell, 112 min

1 PM: Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968), dir James Neilson, Columbia, starring Roz Russell, 93 min


2:45 PM: Susan and God (1940), dir George Cukor, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, 117 min

4:45 PM: Harriet Craig (1950), dir Vincent Sherman, Columbia, starring Joan Crawford, 94 min

6:30 PM: Joan Crawford, The Ultimate Movie Star. TCM Documentary, 90 min.

8 PM: Letty Lynton (1932), dir Clarence Brown, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, 84 min

9:30 PM: Paid (1930), dir Sam Wood, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, 86 min

11 PM: The Unknown (1927), dir. Tod Browning, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney, 63 min (silent)



12:15 AM: Joan Crawford, The Ultimate Movie Star. TCM Documentary, 90 min. (REPEAT AIRING)

1:45 AM: Letty Lynton (1932), dir. Clarence Brown, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, 84 min (REPEAT AIRING)

3:15 AM: Grand Hotel (1932), dir. Edmund Goulding, MGM, starring Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, 112 min

5:15 AM: Rain (1932), dir. Lewis Milestone, MGM, starring Joan Crawford, 92 min

7 AM: The Fugitive Kind (1959), dir. Sidney Lumet, UA, starring Marlon Brando, 119 min


9 AM: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), dir. Richard Brooks, MGM, starring Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, 108 min


11 AM: Boys Town (1938), dir. Norman Taurog, MGM, starring Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, 96 min


12:45: Convicted Woman (1940), dir Nick Grinde, Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson, 65 min

2:00: Babies for Sale, dir by Charles Barton, (1940), Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson, 65 min

3: 15: Missing Daughters (1939), dir Charles C. Colman, Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson 59 min

4:15: Girls Under 21 (1940), dir Max Nosseck, Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson, 64 min

5: 30: Island of Doomed Men (1940), dir Charles Barton, Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson, 68 min

6:45: Men Without Souls (1940), dir. Nick Grinde, Columbia, starring Rochelle Hudson, 62 min


8 PM: Cat People (1942), dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, starring Simone Simon, 73 min

9:15 PM: I Walked with a Zombie (1943), dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, starring James Ellison, 69 min

10:30 PM: The Leopard Man (1943), dir. Jacques Tourneur, RKO, starring Dennis O'Keefe, 66 min

11:45 PM: The Seventh Victim (1943), dir. Mark Robson, RKO, starring Kim Hunter, 71 min.



1 AM: The Curse of the Cat People (1944), dir. Gunther von Fritsch, Robert Wise, RKO, starring Simone Simon, 70 min.

2:30 AM: Mars Attacks! (1996), dir Tim Burton, WB, starring Sylvia Sidney, 106 min, p/s

4:30 AM: Ed Wood (1994), dir. Tim Burton, Touchstone, starring Johnny Depp, 127 min, p/s

6:45 AM: Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), dir. Edward D. Wood Jr., Quality Studios, 79 min, p/s

8:15 AM: Die! Die! My Darling! (1965), dir Silvio Narizzano, Hammer, starring Tallulah Bankhead, 97 min, p/s


9:00 AM: Strait-Jacket (1964), dir. William Castle, Columbia, starring Joan Crawford, 89 min


10:30 AM: Gandhi (1982), dir. Richard Attenborough, Columbia, starring Ben Kingsley, 188 min


1:45 PM: Sayonara (1957), dir. Josh Logan, WB, starring Marlon Brando, Red Buttons, Miyoshi Umeki 147 min. p/s

4:15 PM: Flower Drum Song (1961), dir. Henry Koster, Universal, starring Nancy Kwan, Miyoshi Umeki 133 min p/s

6:30 PM: Gay Purr-ee (1962), dir. Abe Levitow, WB, starring Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, animated, 85 min TCM PREMIERE


8 PM: The Wizard of Oz (1939), dir. Victor Fleming, MGM, starring Judy Garland, Billie Burke, 101 min

9:45 PM: Dinner at Eight (1933), dir. George Cukor, MGM, starring Jean Harlow, Billie Burke, 113 min

11:30 PM: Merrily We Live (1938), dir. Norman Z. McLeod, MGM, starring Constance Bennett, Billie Burke, 95 min.



1:15 AM: The Ghost Comes Home (1940), dir. Wilhelm Thiele, MGM, starring Frank Morgan, Billie Burke, 79 min

2:45 AM: Pepe (1960), dir. George Sidney, Columbia, starring Cantinflas (Final Billie Burke film, also final Charles Coburn film), 195 min

6:00 AM: Around the World in 80 Days (1956), dir Michael Anderson, UA, starring Cantinflas, 167 min


9 AM: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963), dir. Stanley Kubrick, UA, starring Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, 192 min

12:15 PM: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936), dir. Frank Capra, Columbia, starring Gary Cooper, Jean Arthur, 1:15 min.

2:00 PM: Ladies of Leisure (1930), dir. Frank Capra, Columbia, starring Barbara Stanwyck, 99 min

3:40 PM: Flight (1929), dir. Frank Capra, Columbia, starring Jack Holt, 110 min


5:30 PM: Spring Reunion (1957), dir. Robert Pirosh, UA, starring Betty Hutton, 79 min.

7 PM: Private Screenings: Betty Hutton 56 min


8 PM: Incendiary Blonde (1945), dir. George Marshall, Paramount, starring Betty Hutton, 113 min TCM PREMIERE

10 PM: The Stork Club (1945), dir. Hal Walker, Paramount, starring Betty Hutton, 98 min, p/s

11:45 PM: Pal Joey (1957), dir. George Sidney, Columbia, starring Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra, 111 min



1:45 AM: Cabaret (1972), dir. Bob Fosse, Allied Artists, starring Liza Minnelli, 124 min, p/s


4:00 AM: The Queen (1968), dir. Frank Simon, Evergreen Films, starring Jack Doroshow, 68 min TCM UNDERGROUND PREMIERE

5:15 AM: Dinah East (1970), dir Gene Nash, Page International, starring Jeremy Stockwell, 90 min TCM UNDERGROUND PREMIERE

6:45 AM: Sunset Boulevard (1950), dir. Billy Wilder, Paramount, starring Gloria Swanson, 110 min p/s


9 AM: All About Eve (1950), dir. by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Fox, starring Bette Davis, 138 min TCM PREMIERE


11:30 AM: Pollyanna (1960), dir. David Swift, Disney, starring Hayley Mills, 134 min

2:45 PM: Journey for Margaret (1942), dir. W.S. Van Dyke, MGM, starring Margaret O'Brien, 81 min.

3:15 PM: The City of Little Men (1938), documentary short, MGM, starring Father Flanagan, 11 min

3:26 PM: Awful Orphans (1949), dir by Chuck Jones, WB, animated, 7 min

3:33 PM: Little Orphan Airedale, (1947), dir by Chuck Jones, WB, animated, 7 min

3:40 PM: Often an Orphan (1949), dir by Chuck Jones, WB, animated, 7 min

3:47 PM: Little Orphan Willie (1930), dir. by Ub Iwerks, MGM, animated, 7 min

4 PM: Little Orphan Annie (1932), dir by John S. Robertson, RKO, starring Mitzi Green, 70 min

5:45 PM: Annie (1982), dir John Huston, Columbia, starring Carol Burnett, 126 min



8:00 PM: Mildred Pierce (1945), dir. Michael Curtiz, WB, starring Joan Crawford, 111 min.

10:00 PM: Gypsy (1962), dir. Mervyn LeRoy, WB, starring Roz Russell, Natalie Wood, 143 min TCM PREMIERE


12:30 AM: The Catered Affair (1956), dir. Richard Brooks, MGM, starring Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine, 92 min.

2:15 AM: That Mothers Might Live (1938), dir. Fred Zinneman, MGM, short, 10 min.

2:30 AM: I Remember Mama (1948), dir. George Stevens, RKO, starring Irene Dunne, 134 min

4:45 AM: White Heat (1949), dir. Raoul Walsh, WB, starring James Cagney, 114 min

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I programmed May 4-10, 2008.


For my evening devoted to a specific sin, I opted for Greed, and chose to focus on films that involve insurance fraud.


I decided to take the Seven Deadly Sins theme a little further. The Roman Catholic Church (according to my BFF Wikipedia) has set forth a list of Seven Holy Virtues that counteract each sin:










I devoted each morning in the week (around 9 AM) to a movie highlighting a different Sin, followed by a movie that is representative of its opposing Virtue.


The centerpiece of the week is the unearthing of a "lost" Joan Crawford film, "Letty Lynton." For those unfamiliar with this 1932 movie, it was pulled from distribution in 1936 after losing a plagiarism case, with the courts finding it knocked off the play "Dishonored Lady." The movie has never been legally shown since 1936 anywhere, and obviously hasn't been legally released on DVD/video.


However, it still exists (I have the bootleg DVD to prove it); since it is MGM, and thus fair game for this challenge, I decided industrious TCM could clear up the 70 year old dispute between the estate of a long-forgotten playwright and MGM. I set the unearthing of the film in the midst of hours of other Crawford films, mostly from the late 20's and early 30's. I hope some ambitious person in TCM programming reads this and takes getting "Letty Lynton" cleared for broadcast as a pet project. It's not a great film, but any Joan Crawford movie deserves to be seen --- even "Trog" (though I didn't program "Trog" here).


My Star of the Month is Billie Burke, and I enveloped the Yiddish actress Molly Picon into both Silent Sunday and TCM International. Birthday tributes went out to producer Val Lewton and actress Miyoshi Umeki. I threw in a centennial tribute to the founding of Mother's Day.


Strolling through the week:


We kick off the week with three children's fantasy movies that are a little dark and disturbing, and that frankly are unsettling to children AND adults: the creepy "The Blue Bird" with Shirley Temple, the absolutely-unique-in-cinema-history Dr. Seuss child-kidnap weirdie "5,000 Fingers of Dr. T," and the "children's movie" that terrified all of us kids when it was released (I was six at the time, saw it in the theatre, and still have nightmares): "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." Thanks to the ravenous Augustus Gloop "Willie Wonka" is my first morning Sin (Gluttony), cleansed afterward with a film about Temperance, in which Susan Hayward heads to AA as Lillian Roth in the biopic "I'll Cry Tomorrow." That's followed by some musical shorts featuring Judy Garland, including "Bubbles," made when she was just seven or eight years old, long before she was signed to MGM.


Confession time: although I have obsessively watched classic movies from childhood, I somehow have never seen either "East of Eden" OR "Giant." (Yes, I have seen "Rebel without a Cause"). So there they are: if I program them, maybe I can manage to watch them.


Sunday night, check out "Yentl" and "Fiddler on the Roof" as we lead to an evening of Yiddish films restored by the National Center for Jewish Film. You'll note many similarities between "Yentl" and "Yidl Mitn Fidl."


Adorable Molly Picon, today probably best remembered as Yente in "Fiddler on the Roof," was the biggest star of the Yiddish theatre and film world in the 1920's and 1930's, going on to play "the Jewish Mother" in mainstream films and on TV later in life. Some of her Yiddish films have been restored by the National Center for Jewish Film, and I chose a few to fill the bill for Silent Sunday Night (the Austrian "Ost und West") and TCM International ("Yidl Mitn Fidl" and "Mamale," both from Poland). I extended TCM International to incorporate five ten-minute 1938/39 Polish-filmed travelogues about Jewish life in five different Polish cities that the NCJF also has restored --- heartbreaking viewing, when you consider what would happen in those very cities to the very people in the films in just a few short years. I followed this with a final Molly Picon offering, "Come Blow Your Horn" with Frank Sinatra.


I live in New York's East Village, which was the center of the Yiddish theatre world back in the day. If you live in or visit New York, be sure you check out the Yiddish theatre and film stars commemorated with sidewalk stars on Second Avenue a la Hollywood Boulevard (around 11th Street --- I'm too lazy to walk the three blocks to give you the exact coordinates). Second Avenue was the "Broadway" of the Yiddish theatre scene. If you go to the Village East Cinema at Second Avenue and 12th Street, visit the big theatre upstairs and look at the ceiling, which is a massive mosaic of the Star of David --- the theatre was converted from one of many Jewish live performance theatres that lined Second Avenue and adjacent streets, mostly gone now. And the recently closed and legendary Second Avenue Deli had a room devoted to Molly Picon, decorated with Molly Picon memorabilia; they're relocating, so hopefully you'll soon be able to see that again. And while you're in the East Village, go by Theatre 80 at 80 St. Mark's Place; it was formerly a revival film house, and stars like Joan Crawford and Myrna Loy put their handprints and signatures in the sidewalk outside. Check it out at http://www.forgotten-ny.com/STREET%20SCENES/ST%20MARKS/sidewalk.html. But I digress...


The National Center for Jewish Film has singlehandly saved and restored lots of classic Yiddish films that would certainly have disappeared, often from the sole known print. They occasionally have screenings in different cities; keep an eye out for them.


Back to the schedule: Monday morning's Sin: Pride (blowhard Andy Griffith in "A Face in the Crowd"), followed by the Virtue Humility (selfless Stanwyck's "Stella Dallas").


We're spending Monday afternoon with madcap heiresses: Barbara Stanwyck ("Mad Miss Manton"), Ann Sheridan ("The Footloose Heiress"), Carole Lombard ("Nothing Sacred"), and Miriam Hopkins ("Wise Girl").


It's all-insurance fraud all night as we wallow in a particularly greedy night of sin: the classics "Double Indemnity" (which gets more delicious every time you see it -- I popped in the DVD this week to refresh my mind, and it really must be one of the top ten movies ever made. Stanwyck, MacMurray, and Robinson...WOW), "The Postman Always Rings Twice," and "The Fortune Cookie," as well as the lesser known "The Nurse's Secret" and "Dick Tracy's Dilemma." I tossed in an extra Dick Tracy to follow, and then two of the lesser-known Paddy Chayefsky-penned movies.


Tuesday's Sin and Virtue: Lust ("A Place in the Sun"), followed by Chastity ("The Trouble with Angels"/"Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows").


Then, the buildup to "Letty Lynton" begins, as Joan Crawford finds religion in "Susan and God," followed by the insane fun of "Harriet Craig"'s House Pride. A quick viewing of the TCM documentary "Joan Crawford, The Ultimate Movie Star" precedes "Letty Lynton," shown for the first time legally since 1936! Two rarely seen Crawfords, "Paid" and "The Unknown," then precede a repeat airing of "Letty Lynton." That's followed by airings of the two films Crawford made immediately before and after "Letty Lynton:" "Rain" and "Grand Hotel."


Wednesday's Sin/Virtue: Sloth ("Cat on a Hot Tin Roof") and Diligence ("Boys Town").


Wednesday afternoon I devoted to films starring nearly-forgotten 30's-40's Columbia actress Rochelle Hudson, with juicy titles like "Babies for Sale." I always love it when TCM programs blocks like this featuring lesser-known stars --- while "Girls Under 21" won't be as endlessly entertaining as "Double Indemnity," it's still a lot of fun catching up on some B movies. Like other lesser stars of the 30's like Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell (don't yell at me for calling them "lesser," they're among my favorites, but they weren't Bette Davis), Rochelle ended up playing character parts as she grew older. Note Rochelle also appears in a small role in "Strait-Jacket" later in the week; she was also in "Rebel Without a Cause," the James Dean movie I DIDN'T program. Wednesday night: a birthday tribute to "Cat People" producer Val Lewton, with five films he produced (my favorite among them: "The Seventh Victim").


In the wee hours of Thursday morning, we come off the eerie Val Lewton hours with two newer films, Tim Burton's campy odes to 50's sci-fi ("Mars Attacks!") and, uh, bad movies ("Ed Wood"). Then sanity is thrown out the window with the ridiculous "Plan 9 from Outer Space," Tallulah Bankhead's silly religious psychopathic "Die! Die! My Darling," and the axe-wielding, charm bracelet-wearing Joan Crawford in "Strait-Jacket," which represents Thursday morning's Sin: Anger. Joan looks pretty angry while she's chopping Lee Majors' head off with that axe! After Anger comes Forgiveness, with "Gandhi."


In the afternoon, a birthday tribute to the lovely Oscar-nominated Miyoshi Umeki, who passed away a few weeks ago, followed by the TCM premiere of "Gay Purr-ee," the animated movie starring Judy Garland and Robert Goulet, who of course passed away days ago. In "Gay Purr-ee" Judy and Robert play cats who fall in love in Paris in an animated musical movie. When you watch the movie, you'll be as sure as I am that the gang at Disney never saw this movie before making "The Aristocats" a few years later. "The Aristocats" stars Eva Gabor, Phil Harris, and Nancy Kulp, and is a musical animated movie about cats who fall in love in Paris. What a fresh idea!


Judy in "Gay Purr-ee" makes a nice entree into the next film, "The Wizard of Oz," featuring my Star of the Month Billie Burke, who never fails to delight. Billie's quirky charm sparkles through "Dinner at Eight," "Merrily We Live," and "The Ghost Comes Home," and we see her in a cameo in her final film, the overstuffed, all-star "Pepe." (She appears in a scene with Charles Coburn, also HIS final film). "Pepe" is famous for having an absurd number of celebrity cameos, with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Greer Garson popping up. Mexican actor Cantinflas stars in both "Pepe" and the first of the following celebrity cameo-heavy flicks, "Around the World in 80 Days" and "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World."


"Mad World" is Friday morning's Sin (those Greedy people racing across the country to snag $350,000 first), ameliorated by the Charity shown by Gary Cooper in Frank Capra's "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town." Two less-frequently seen Capra films follow. I wanted to throw in some of the movies from "Why We Fight," the series of propaganda movies Capra made for the Defense Department in WWII, reportedly in reaction to the movies of Leni Riefenstahl, but they were government commissions and I wasn't clear if there was an acceptable studio affiliation. Wouldn't it be great to see them on TCM in a day-long block?


Betty Hutton alert: see her final film "Spring Reunion" and her Private Screenings episode next, followed by the TCM premiere of her huge hit "Incendiary Blonde." "Incendiary Blonde" is the biopic of legendary New York nightclub hostess Texas Guinan, and it kicks off the theme Friday Night on the Town: The Movies Love the Nightlife, an entire evening of films set primarily in nightclubs, including "Incendiary," "The Stork Club" (also with Betty Hutton), "Pal Joey," and "Cabaret." There were so many nightclub-oriented movies to choose among --- this would make an interesting theme for TCM to explore. Think about how many classic movies have their pivotal scenes in nightclubs and speakeasies!


TCM Underground then takes an unusual twist with two new offerings that follow "Cabaret" nicely: "The Queen," a semi-documentary about a drag queen beauty pageant in 1968, and the recently resurfaced "Dinah East." "Dinah East" is a trashy 1970 flick in which a classic movie actress character dies, and is revealed to have been a man in drag all along. The movie was based not-so-subtly on scurrilous rumors about Mae West, who supposedly successfully sued to have the movie pulled from distribution and then bought and destroyed as many prints as possible. There is now a very low-quality DVD available, even on Amazon.


The trashy-and-fun "Dinah East" is followed by REAL show-biz queens (and NO ONE is saying they were fellas): Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard" and Bette Davis in "All About Eve," which wraps up the week's Sin of the Day Series as the film representing Envy. That backstabbing Eve Harrington! The EPITOME of Envy! According to the Catholic Church, the opposite of Envy is Kindness, which we get relentlessly...RELENTLESSLY... from Hayley Mills in "Pollyanna." Really, Pollyanna, just take a deep breath. We get it, you're a REALLY nice orphan. Pollyanna...please take a few steps back. POLLYANNA!


"Pollyanna" is also the first film in a very family-friendly Saturday afternoon devoted to films about orphans, which includes (among others) Margaret O'Brien in "Journey for Margaret," some Chuck Jones cartoons, the 1932 version of "Little Orphan Annie," and the Carol Burnett musical "Annie."


What do orphans want most? Mothers, of course, and in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first celebration of Mother's Day, the rest of the week's programming is devoted to movies that celebrate Mom, from the devoted uber-Mother Joan Crawford in TCM Essential "Mildred Pierce" to the Ma-obsessed gangster Jimmy Cagney in "White Heat."





Four ("Grand Hotel," "All About Eve," "Around the World in 80 Days," "Gandhi"); twelve others were nominated.

Yes, "Around the World in 80 Days" was named Best Picture over co-nominees "The King and I," "Friendly Persuasion," and "Giant" --- "Giant," I look forward to seeing for the first time (see above).



Spencer Tracy ("Boy's Town"), Ben Kingsley ("Gandhi")



Joan Crawford ("Mildred Pierce"), Liza Minnelli ("Cabaret")




Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, Jacques Tourneur, Chuck Jones (shorts)


NUMBER OF FILMS BY RELEASE DATE (including programmed shorts):


1920's 3

1930's 29

1940's 28

1950's 20

1960's 13

1970's 4

1980's 3

1990's 2



Joan Crawford 9

Rochelle Hudson 7

Judy Garland 6 (including voice-only cameo in "Pepe" and shorts)

Billie Burke 5

Molly Picon 5

Barbara Stanwyck 4




"Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," "All About Eve," "Gay Purr-ee," "Incendiary Blonde," "Gypsy," "East of Eden," "The Blue Bird"


Additional premieres:

Silent Sunday Night: "Ost Und West"

TCM International: "Yidl Mitn Fidl," "Mamele," five travelogues

TCM Underground: "The Queen," "Dinah East"

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Patful, thanks for the kind words, but I hope any efforts I put forth only encourage everyone to play.


The Challenge is so much fun, and it's a friendly game among friends. I've played before, I've never won, I can't wait for the newest game, and I already want the next Challenge to tackle. I'm just another movie fan.


When you play, you start to research films and you learn so much...


Everybody --- if you are reading this, you obviously are thinking about digging into the game, and you should dabble in Kyle's Challenge. There is still plenty of time to join in.

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