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[b]TCM Programming Challenge #8[/b] - It's Sinful!

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Congratulations "Chip" on completing another great week of Programming for TCM!


I am pleased you intergrated "The Seven Heavenly Virtues" into your programming selections. And some of the pairings are wonderful. "Lust and Chastity" - A Place In The Sun and The Trouble With Angels. Bravo!


Kudos, too, on the Yiddish Festival, the Greed/Insurance Fraud line-up and Billie Burke as SOTM. If your schedule is any indication, I think your "sinful" Halloween expedition was time well spent - especially with your inclusion of Margaret Wycherly/White Heat in your Mother's Day line-up. You little dickens.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hello Challengers -


Just a general notice to any of you more daring "Programmers" that may have been thinking of using the 1995 film se7en in your "sinful" schedule that the film is showing during the upcoming "31 Days Of Oscar" event in February.


se7en (1995)

A retiring police detective and his new partner investigate a serial killer whose crimes mirror the seven deadly sins. Cast: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey/ Dir: David Fincher. C-127 mins, , Letterbox Format


This means, of course, that you can use the film as a "previously scheduled" selection and not use one of your seven "premieres" to show the film.


Kyle In Hollywood

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"They sound like a law firm: "Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Good morning, how may I direct your call? Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Sloth didn't come in today." - filmlover


It does sound like a law firm. And that reminds me of Mame Dennis and her stint as a telephone operator at Widdicomb, Gutterman, Applewhite, Bibberman and Black.


"Mr. Widdicomb, there's no such place as San Francisco."


Kyle In Hollywood

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Pope Bendict XIV announces trip to the United States. - news reports November 12th


OK, Who was the wise guy who forwarded the Programming Challenge to the Vatican? I admit the theme is a bit irreverent but I didn't believe it was so blasphemous that the Holy Father had to be notified.


Seriously, we are only into the second week of the current TCM Programming Challenge so there is plenty of time to join in and participate in our fantasy exercise of creating a week of programming for TCM. Two wonderful schedules have already been submitted and I am expecting much more "wonderfulness" before the Challenge closes on December 8th.


If you have ever had an interest in trying to plan a week of programming for our favorite network, this is your opportunity. The "rules" are in the first post of this thread. And while we all do it for the fun of it, this thread does attract the attention of the persons in charge of programming at TCM. It is not uncommon for ideas found in these fantasy schedules to be incorporated into future TCM line-ups.


So, all you armchair film programmers, sharpen your pencils - and your wits - and give the TCM Programming Challenge a try.


Kyle In Hollywood

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For you.


Challenge No. 8


July 27 - August 2, 2008


Sunday - July 27


Kid Works

6:00am - Jack & The Beanstalk - 1952 - Abbott & Costello - 78m - Uni - P/S

7:30am - The Million Dollar Duck - 1971 - Dean Jones - 92m - Disney

10:15am - Treasure Island - 1950 - Robert Newton - 96m - RKO


Out Of This World

12:00pm - The Day The Earth Stood Still - 1952 - 92m - 20th Cent - P/S

1:45pm - The Queen Of Spades - 1949 - Anton Walbrook - 95m - Grunwald - Premiere

3:30pm - Angel On My Shoulder - 1946 - Paul Muni - 101m - UA


I Hate To Admit It But I've Never Seen....

5:30pm - Close Encounters of The Third Kind - 1977 - 132m - Columbia


High Finance with Edward Arnold

8:00pm - Easy Living - 1937 - 88m -Paramount - Premiere

9:30pm - You Can?t Take It With You - 1938 - 126m - Columbia


Silent Sunday Nights

12:00am - The Flesh and The Devil - 1926 -John Gilbert - 113m


TCM Imports

2:00 - La Belle Americaine - 1961 - Alfred Adam - 104m


4:00 - Genevieve - 1954 - Kenneth More - 86m - p/s

5:30 - Festival of Shorts


Monday - July 28


From Concert Works to Film Works

6:00am - Prokofiev - Love and Death - 1975 - 85m - UA

7:30am - Rachmanminoff - Brief Encounter - 1946 - 86m - p/s

9:00am - Copland - Of Mice and Men - 1940 - 106m - Roach

11:00am - Virgil Thomson - The Goddess - 1958 - 104m - Columbia

1:00pm - Rosza - Green Fire - 1954 - 100m - MGM

3:00pm - Korngold - Escape Me Never - 1946 - 107m - WB


5:00pm - Song Of Life - 1947 Katharine Hepburn - 119m - MGM

7:15pm - Cartoons - The Rabbit of Seville - B. Bunny - 1950 - 7m

Long Haired Rabbit - B. Bunny - 1949 - 8m

7:30pm - Festival of Shorts


Home From The War

8:00pm - Gilda - Glenn Ford - 1946 - 110m - Col. (Navy)

10:00pm - Adventure - Clark Gable - 1945 - 135m - MGM (Army Air Corps)

12:30am - They Were Expendable - 1945 - John Ford - 135m - MGM - (Navy)

3:00am - The Best Years of Our Lives - 1947 - 172m - MGM


Tuesday - July 29


Breakfast With Busby

6:00am - Gold Diggers of 1935 - Dick Powell - 95m - First National

7:45am - Stage Struck - 1936 Dick Powell - 91m - WB

9:30am - Ziegfeld Girl - 1941 - James Stewart - 135m - MGM


Thelma Todd Birthday Tribute

12:00pm: The Bohemian Girl - 1936 - 80m - MGM

1:30pm - Horse Feathers - 1932 - 68m - Paramount - p/s

2:45pm - Air Hostess - 1933 - 67m - Columbia

4:00pm - The Maltese Falcon - 1931 - 80m - WB

5:30pm - Shorts - Air Fright - 1933 - 18m / On The Loose - 1931 - 20m / Red Noses - 1932 - 20m


6:30pm - Dames - 1934 - Zasu Pitts- 90m


Henry VIII: Friends and Family

8:00pm - A Man For All Seasons - 1966 - Paul Schofiled - 120m - Highland - P/S

10:15pm - Nine Days For A Queen - 1937 - 80m - Gaumont - p/s

11:45pm - Anne of The Thousand Days - 1969 - Richard Burton - 145m - Uni - p/s

2:15am - The Prince and The Pauper - 1937 - Erroll Flynn - 120m - WB

4:30am - Fire Over England - 1937 - Flora Robson - 84m - UA - Premiere




Wednesday - July 30


Bar None

6:00am - The Petrified Forest - 1936 - Bogart - 83m - WB

7:30am - The Floradora Girl - 1930 - Marion Davies - 79m - MGM

9:00am - Harvey - 1950 - James Stewart - 104m - Uni - P/S

11:00am - The Gunfighter - 1950 - Gregory Peck - 85m - 20th Cent. - Premiere

12:30pm - The Time Of Your Life - 1948 - James Cagney - 109m - UA - Premiere



2:30pm - Jeopardy - 1953 - Barbara Stanwyck - 69m - MGM

Short - How To Take A Vacation - R. Benchley - 10m

4:00pm - Brigadoon - 1954 - Gene Kelly - 108m - MGM

6:00pm - The Facts Of Life - 1960 - Bob Hope - 103m - UA


More Than A House

8:00pm - The Grass Is Greener - 1961 - 105m - Uni - p/s

10:00pm - The Uninvited - 1944 - 98m - Paramount - p/s

11:45pm - The Little Giant - 1933 - Edward G. Robinson - 74m - WB

1:15am - Rebecca - 1940 - Laurence Olivier - 130m - UA p/s

3:30am - The House of Usher - 1960 - Vincent Price - 87m - p/s

5:00am - Maisie Was A Lady - 1941 Joan Blondell - 80m - MGM


Thursday - July 31


A Tragic Day

6:30am - San Francisco - 1936 - Clark Gable - 115m - MGM

8:30am - Hurricane - 1937 Jon Hall - 102m

10:30am - The Bedford Incident - 1965 - Richard Widmark - 1965 - Columbia

12:30pm - Exclusive Story - 1936 - Franchot Tone - 76m - MGM

2:00pm - China Seas - 1935 - Clark Gable - 87m - MGM

3:30pm - The Last Days of Pompeii - 1935 - Preston Foster - 96m

5:30pm - In Old Chicago - 1937 - Tyrone Power - 115m - 20th Cent. - Premiere


7:30pm - MGM Parade


Star of The Month - Maureen O?Hara

8:00pm - How Green Was My Valley - 1941 - 120m - 20th Cent - P/S

10:15pm - This Land Is Mine - 1943 - 105m - RKO

12:15am - Our Man In Havana - 1960 - 111m - Columbia

2:15am - Kangaroo - 1952 - 84m - 20th Cent. - Premiere

3:45am - Spencer?s Mountain - 1963 - 119m - WB - P/S



Friday August 1


Feuding and Fussing

6:00am - Our Hospitality - 1923 - Buster Keaton - 70m

7:15am - Green Fields - 1937 - Michael Goldstein - 105m - New Star - P/S

9:15am - Kissin? Cousins - 1964 - 96m - MGM

11:00am - The Big Country - Gregory Peck - 1958 - 166m - MGM

2:00pm - Pot ?O Gold - 1941 - James Stewart - UA - P/S

3:30pm - Kiss and Tell - 1945 - Shirley Temple - 92m - Columbia

5:15pm - Romeo and Juliet - 1936 - MGM - 130m

7:30 - Southern Exposure - 1935 - Charley Chase - 21m - Roach

Hillbilly Hare - B. Bunny - 1950 - 7m -WB


It?s A Baby

8:00pm - Bachelor Mother - 1939 - Ginger Rogers - 82m - RKO

9:30pm - Three Godfathers - 1936 - Chester Morris - 85m - MGM

11:00pm - Full of Life - 1957 - Judy Holliday - 91m - Columbia

12:45am - Life Begins - 1932 - Lorett Young - 71m - First National


TCM Underground

2:00am - The Land Unknown - 1957 - 78m - Uni


3:30 - Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde - 1941 - Spencer Tracy - 127m - MGM


Saturday August 2


Sweet Home Alabama Hills

6:00am - High Sierra - 1941 - H. Bogart - 100m - WB

8:00am - The Charge of The Light Brigade - 1936 - E. Flynn - 115m - WB

10:00am - Seven Men From Now - 1956 - Randolph Scott - 78m - Batjac - P/S


11:3am - Cartoon Alley


Myrna Loy Birthday Tribute


12:00pm - Parnell - 1937 - 119m - MGM

2:00pm - Libeled Lady - 1936 - 98m - MGM

4:00pm - Third Finger, Left Hand - 1940 - 96m - MGM

5:45pm - Test Pilot - 1938 - 120m - MGM


The Sin of Pride

The Essentials

8:00pm - Bridge On The River Kwai - 1957 - Alec Guinness - 161m - Columbia

11:00pm - The Picture of Dorian Gray - 1945 - Hurd Hadfield - 110m - MGM

1:00am - Citizen Kane - 1941 - Orson Welles - 120m - RKO

3:15am - Becky Sharp - 1935 -Miriam Hopkins - 85m - RKO


4:45am - Private Screenings - June Allyson - 60m





(Not quite able to get the "underline" I hope you can get it.)

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I think most of the themes are self evident but here's a little info. (I hope I get them right.)


Monday's "Concert Works to Film Works" is a listing of classical composers who did works in both mediums.


Tuesday's "Breakfast with Busby" includes films he directed or choreographed.


Wednesday's "More Than A Home" features films with mansions or where houses were an important part of the story.


Thursday's "A Tragic Day" (title taken from "Babe') features different tragedies. I wanted Maureen O'Hara for SOTM after Greer Garson didn't have enough to work. Maureen may suffer the same fate.


Saturday's "Sweet Home Alabama Hills" features films shot on location there.


Once again, nothing fancy. Just trying to think like what would fit in the programming.


(Taking a deep breath.)


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Great schedule as always, Chris! Would really love to see your "Concert Works" day. You and Chip are putting on the early pressure.


My other duties are now completed, so I'll begin something this weekend, hopefully. Though the little slothful demon is sitting on my shoulder right now, poking me with really soft cushions. And I just downloaded the latest January schedule and saw that half my Margaret O'Brien day is gone...grumble, grumble, grumble...must redirect, focus...


Again, great schedule!

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" Kyle: For you...." - movieman1957


Well, that's certainly an honor. And you included a set of films where a bartender would feel right at home. I'm flattered!


And thanks for the Premiere of Easy Living - one I hope to see one day, The Friends And Family Plan of Henry VIII and your Sinful Saturday Evening.


This is a fine schedule and one of which you should be quite proud. I know, that's a "sin", but I say, "Go Ahead And Risk It." You've got a lotta good karma in here that should keep you from eternal damnation.


(But I may never forgive you for having missed Close Encounters... all these years.)


Thanks for joining in on this Challenge, Chris. You just keep getting better and better with each Challenge Schedule you create.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Brother Kyle,

I was wondering if anyone else is having problems opening this thread? Since the Challenges began to be posted, I cannot easily open the thread by clicking on the title. The only way I can get it to open is to click on the last posters name.


Some of us had the same problem during the last Challenge.


I don't know what it is, a stray emoticon or what, but wanted to see if anyone else was having this problem.

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lzcutter -


I have had sporadic issues with the thread also. If it doesn'r load on the first click, it always opens when / if i hit refresh. But if anyone else is having problems, I hope they bring it to my attention here too.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Thank you for the kind words. I wanted to get it on here as I tend to overthink the schedule. I thought I had done as well as I could. I'm glad you like it.




Thank you for the compliments. I must apologize for not having paid you in kind. I knew you had your schedule up but I was reluctant to look at it first less I feel mine inadequate. Having looked at it since you have done a wonderful job. Lots of interesting topics. Since I'm in the insurance business your night of "Fraud" is most interesting. Also, the contrasting sin and virtue selections is a programming type I enjoy finding. I like contrasts or things that are linked by people. Fine work all the way through.




Thanks to you for your comments. Anxiously awaiting your schedule. (And Lynn's.)



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Very nice, Fedya! I like the strike idea very much. A couple of your movie choices have been dogpaddling around my head for a few days as I was thinking about my schedule. I'll have to scratch those. "ABBA, the Movie"? That one was going to be my "everyone else has seen but me" film. ;-)

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Fedya, what an interesting schedule.


The strike theme is so timely; here in NYC we also have Broadway on strike, so we pass strike lines every day.


Game show greats --- if only my personal gamer show favorite, Arlene Francis, could have been squeezed in too. She plays Cagney's wife in One, Two, Three, of course, Doris Day's boss's wife in The Thrill of It All, and a hooker in Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932).


Thanks for including me as a guest programmer --- and you're right, The Clock is one of my favorites.


Now let's all start dive-bombing petitions to get Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President scheduled for real!

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Another good one, sugarpuss. Love the recast roles and the misleading lineup. Now I'm starting to see the advantages of getting entries in early. You've chosen one my picks for star of the month and five movies I was seriously considering. Oof!

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ChipHeartsMovies wrote:


> "Soylent Green" and "Our Daily Bread" -- how did I miss this BRILLIANT juxtaposition?


Go back and read my notes carefully. ;-)


I told you I have a warped sense of humor.

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Hello All -


The long Thanksgiving Weekend has arrived and with that we have reached the mid-point of the latest TCM Programming Challenge.


So far, we have four outstanding weeks of "programming" posted so far. Each of these posters have outdone themselves with their fantasy schedules of TCM. And I am anxiously awaiting some more goodness over the next couple of weeks.


So, with the four-day weekend here and another two weeks before the close of this Programming Challenge, any of you sitting on the sidelines still have more than enough time to put together a submission for this Challenge. Don't be shy or slothful. Jump in with the rest of us and try your hand at creating a week of Programming for TCM. You never know how or when you ideas might be incorporated into the actual TCM schedule. (It has happened many times in the past.)


And rumor has it that doing the Challenge is a pefect antidote to tryptophan.


Happy Holiday to you all!


Kyle In Hollywood

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It's just too good. I know I must be thinking along the right lines because I had thought to make Greer Garson my SOTM but didn't think she had enough movies to carry it off.


Many wonderful films. I like your documentaries . It's going to be a tough contest.


Great job.


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"Don't go into shock! Yep, it's my schedule and its in early! Who says there are no miracles these days?" - lzcutter


"Dese are modern times. Dere ain't supposed to be miracles nomore!" - Cher, Moonstruck


Well, will wonder never cease!


I am certainly in awe of the latest 'lzcutter' Challenge schedule. Love the "Lust" schedule, the swashbucklers and getting John Waters to host TCM Underground. And there's not "bad hair day" all week. Well done, 'lzcutter'.


But I am worried about the this obsession with Bill Jr. It is beginning to get a little too Hitchcockian for me. Or The King Of Comedy.


Thanks for joining in on my edition of the Programming Challenge. It is always a better Challenge when you are involved.


Kyle In Hollywood


ps - here's another Swanson film to add to your Silent Sunday Schedule where she advocates for the "Seven Deadly Whims"! (click on thumbnail for larger version)


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