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[b]TCM Programming Challenge #8[/b] - It's Sinful!

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ChipHeartsMovies wrote:


> Thanks for including me as a guest programmer --- and you're right, The Clock is one of my

> favorites.


I have to admit, I came up with this idea before you posted your schedule. It's just that your fandom of Judy Garland is a bit predictable. :-p Truth be told, she's not my favorite actress, although that's in part because musicals are just generally not my favorite genre. That's one of the reasons why I selected The Clock. That, and for James Gleason's performance -- I'm a sucker for good performances by character actors.


> Now let's all start dive-bombing petitions to get Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President

> scheduled for real!


Have you actually seen this? I've only read the synopsis, and it sounds like a fun little 30s B-movie. (Although in my opinion, WB tend to do better B-movies than MGM.)


This was one of the more fun parts of the Challenge: trying to find movies that fit the theme of movies with "obvious" titles. Of course, being Turner Classic Movies, I couldn't exactly schedule Snakes on a Plane.


(Then again, I could have tried to put Snakes on a Plane in the remakes section, arguing it's a remake of The Narrow Margin.... ;-) )

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LOL, Fedya, my Judy Garland affection is indeed undying.


If you don't care for musicals, in addition to "The Clock," check out Judy in "Judgment at Nuremberg" (she's brilliant, and Oscar-nominated; Spencer Tracy and Montgomery Clift are also in the movie, of course) and "A Child is Waiting" (Cassavetes-directed, Burt Lancaster co-stars).


lzcutter, I am speechless. What a brilliant schedule! My favorite idea you bring up: John Waters as TCM Underground host.


A perfect idea. He fits the bill for the edgy crowd (that would be me, I guess), but he also created family-friendly "Hairspray."


TCM Programmer, are you listening?

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"I'll counter your early entry with my late or nonexistent schedule, untouched for the last six days." - patful


Are you admitting defeat already? There are still two weeks left to complete a Challnge Schedule. And believe me, I put aside my schedules for days in the middle of a Challnge myself. As I am not participating this time and Lynn has already posted, I couldn't think of a better person to have the "honor" of posting at the last minute.


So when you get that schedule done(and I am confident you will), I think I'll start a campaign to recruit you to join me on "The Amazing Race". What a hoot we could have on "Pat and Kyle's Global Adventure" quoting lines from old movies. "Phil, we'll always have Paris."


Kyle In Hollywood

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"Are you admitting defeat already?"


Admitting? Never. Accepting my fate? More than likely. But I haven't quit yet. Just one thing after another. Today I spent five hours retrieving an antiperspirant that was accidentally dropped into a flushing toilet, shopping for a new seal, and reinstalling said toilet. Who says low-flow toilets don't work well? Would have made a great feature-length film. Onward...


My long viewing experience with "The Amazing Race" has shown that most teams end up hating each other. ;-)

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Chip and Patful,


Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate them.




I am looking forward to your posting of your schedule. You wouldn't let a girl down would you?

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I have been working so hard on my schedule that I've felt guilty that I haven't yet responded to the work of movieman, fedya, sugarpuss, and lzcutter. So I decided to check in today and review them, and they are all GREAT. With one caveat...




I was planning on doing Edward Arnold as my Star of the Month, but movieman has a tribute to Arnold.


I was planning a section called "Fool's Gold" but sugarpuss beat me to the Gold topic. And I was going to highlight The Shrike, a film I have wanted to see for some time, but sugarpuss got that, too!


Fedya's got an "80 Years Ago Today" feature. lol, I was working on some 1948 and 1938 tributes (60 and 70 years).


And lzcutter's got a tribute to RKO, something I was pencilling in.


Sigh, I definitely have committed the ultimate sin...sloth...I waited too long to get my schedule done. I can also now be one of the seven dwarfs...Grumpy.


However, never fear, I shall press on and get one in very soon.


Congratulations to all for their hard work.

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filmlover wrote:




As Marlene Dietrich might have told us if we took her ideas:




Damn you!


Feel free to respond in kind. :-)


(To be honest, I did my schedule before seeing TCM's December schedule, so I never noticed how many remakes TCM is showing on December 3. It makes me feel less original....)

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"My long viewing experience with "The Amazing Race" has shown that most teams end up hating each other." - patful


Well, here I was all set to let you be the David Niven/ Phineas Fogg to my Cantinflas/ Passapartout but after hearing about the toilet bowl story, I think it might make for better comic relief if we reverse the roles.


And if we end up hating one anotheron the trip, we can flip a coin and see who gets to be the Colbert / spoiled heiress to the other's Gable / jaded newspaperman.


Kyle In Hollywood

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"You wouldn't let a girl down would you?"


I'll have you know I'm currently missing "MMISL" for the first time in years to work on this schedule (recording it to watch after December 8th :-) )! Now that's dedication!

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"And if we end up hating one anotheron the trip, we can flip a coin and see who gets to be the Colbert / spoiled heiress to the other's Gable / jaded newspaperman."


I call heads to be the jaded Clark Gable...

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December has arrived!


That means there are seven days left to this Programming Challenge. I am quite impressed with all the schedules posted so far and I am sure we are all looking forward to what other fun weeks of Programming are still to come from you amateur Programmers.


The "window of opportunity" closes a week from tonight (Midnight Staurday, December 8th) so anyone procastinating or hesitating still has time to finish up a submission. Don't end up on the outside looking in on our little exercise. If 'patful' can sacrifice an evening of MMISL to work on his schedule, there's no excuse for the rest of you to not get involved too.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Bravo 'filmlover' -


You struggled with your sins and got the Challenge schedule done. Great job!


Your "From Hair To Eternity" pairing is wonderful. Pleased you spotlight Edward Arnold (am I the only one that thinks there is a similarity between Arnold and Dick Cheney - not just physically but in the personas one played on screen and the actual person?) Highlighting the sin Greed on the anniversary of the Stock Market crash is brilliant.


And the Halloween "A to Z" line-up is quintessential 'filmlover'. I don't know how you do it.


I am really happy you got a schedule completed. Hope you enjoyed wrestling with the deadly sins. I worried you might lose the fight this time.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Good 'un, filmlover. Love the 1941 films and "Halloween A to Z". I love even more that your schedule only shares one of my film picks so far! It's going to be tough choosing a winner. I'll have to finish mine and then go over all of them again before voting. Nice effort.

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It's schedules like yours that make this such an interesting and fun contest. The great thing about all these schedules is like Forrest Gump said about chocolates "You never know what you are going to get." You have some great and inspired topics here.


Hey, you get bonus points for puns. I'm glad you stuck with the Edward Arnold feature.


Another fabulous schedule.

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I'm just a little curious, what do you and filmlover exactly do ? It took a LOT of effort to write those movie schedules. I barely have time just to reply to anyone.


A second question is that I noticed mongo has over 1700 replies in some of the threads. It would take an awfull lot of time to read them all, so the question is, who so far is the record holder on TCM.com to have the most replies received on a thread? Ever think of making a TCM "Hall of Fame"? (for members).


Relatively speaking, I am a newcomer and I love this forum. Nice members, got an eyefull in the past day or so.

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'hamradio' -

The Challenges do look like a daunting and time-consuming exercise, don't they? That is why everyone is given about a month to work on them each time we do these. The extended hours one gets on weekends plus those nights that TCM is playing something one doesn't want to see usually gives one more than enough time to plan seven days of film programming for TCM. Luckily, I've found that the more one does them, the easier they get done.


And I believe the Gary Cooper thread in the "Your Favorites" Forum has blasted past any post total that I can ever remember seeing around here. It is nearly 400 pages long, is quickly approaching 6000 total messages and has been active almost two straight years (since March 2006!)


Glad you are here and have made yourself comfortable in these Forums. It is likely we will have another Programming Challenge in the new year so if you find it interesting and are thinking of joining in, I am sure everyone would be helpful and pleased to have you as a Challenger too.


Kyel In Hollywood

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movieman, patful, hamradio, and Kyle,


Thanks very much for your truly kind words about my schedule. I was afraid I was going to get stuck this time for ideas, but ended up with a few in reserve for next time. (After eight schedules, I am almost tapped out for brilliance, lol.)


Thank you again!



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I feel I've shirked in reading and responding to the last couple of weeks worth of entries and comments --- much of what makes these Challenges so fun is both giving and receiving comments on the entries. My apologies, I am just swamped with work. I produce an annual AIDS charity celebrity memorabilia auction which starts December 1 (World AIDS Day) on eBay every year. This year I got close to 1000 items. On Dec. 10, when it's done, I'll be back!


(If any of you are collectors of autographed items, I asked some of the classic stars that are still with us/TCM faves for items for the auction, and got signed things donated from Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Joan Fontaine, Lizabeth Scott, Mamie van Doren, Ann Blyth, Shirley Jones, Celeste Holm, Julie Harris, Joan Collins, Julie Newmar, Jane Fonda, Liza Minnelli, and Jon Voight, among others. If you recall my last Challenge, you can imagine my face when I opened the package from Lizabeth Scott, the Garbo of film noir and one of my absolute favorites. I didn't think there was a chance in hell she would respond --- I'm sure you all know how reclusive she is. Call it The Strange Love Chip Has for Lizabeth Scott.


Anyway, the auction is at www.stores.eBay.com/Bid2BeatAIDS --- even if you don't want to buy the the things they sent, you might want a look at them).


See you all in a week...

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You're not the only one who's remiss in responding to other people's schedules -- but at least you've got a good excuse! ;-)


I'm just a terrible procrastinator....

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Patful's Challenge Notes


First, thanks to Kyle for all his help, and to the rest of the participants for their encouragement, even Chip and his pointing finger.


I chose the week of July 6-12, 2008 for my Challenge entry. It includes half-day birthday salutes to character actors Eugene Pallette and Thomas Mitchell, and directors George Cukor and Sam Wood.


My Star of the Month is Lionel Barrymore. Many consider him more of a character actor, but I have to disagree. Tough choosing from so many films, but I did spare you from my favorite, the Dr. Gillespie series!


Sunday Morning - Sunday Morning Hodgepodge - Just an idea to show one film from each of several different genres, with the genres changing from week to week.


Sunday Afternoon - Body, Body, Who's Got the Body? - Fun with corpses!


Sunday Night - The Return of Funday Night at the Movies - Hey, it's summer! I think it's worth bringing back. I included an extra film at 10PM for kids staying up later. They'd probably be online or texting friends then anyway, so sit down with them and watch!


Sunday Overnight - Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports - I kept it all foreign, with a theme of Growing Up and Growing Old for the imports.


Monday Afternoon - Truckin' - Don't ever hitch a ride with any of these guys.


Monday Night - Look What You've Done to Your Son, Ma - Apologies to Melanie Safka - Psychotic sons. I only programmed three because I don't think I could get through more of them in one sitting.


Monday Overnight - _____ for People Who Don't Like _____ - For people who dislike certain genres, just an idea for showing different takes on that genre. This month, Westerns for People Who Don't Particularly Like Westerns - sorry Lynn!


Tuesday Afternoon - You Were Born to Opera, You'll Never Be a Movie Star - Apologies to Neil Young - Opera stars whose careers on stage "far" outshined their brief movie work. And you wondered how I'd sneak my movie in there!


Wednesday Morning - Chuck, Di, and Camilla Who? - Henry VIII annulled his marriage to Anne of Cleves on July 9,1540. Just a tribute to the historic affairs of the royals.


Wednesday Afternoon - Divorce Cary Grant? Impossible! - Several marriages in real life, but the women could never let him go in the movies.


Wednesday Night - Seven Deadly Sins: Greed - Funny that The Good Earth would have been my choice for any of the seven...


Thursday Afternoon - All That Jazz - Screen appearances by Louis Armstrong, Charlie Barnet, Charlie Beal, Barney Bigard, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Glen Gray, Woody Herman, Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, Jimmie Lunceford, Kid Ory, Mel Powell, Artie Shaw...


Thursday Night - The ABC's of Sinclair Lewis - Anyone thinking that I only programmed what I enjoy need only look at this one. I can't bring myself to watch them after horrible experiences reading Babbitt and Main Street in high school. Maybe I should give him another try! Note: I'm sure Elmer Gantry could have used Magic Bullets!


Friday Afternoon - Hot Enough for Ya? - Not to be confused with lzcutter's I Came for the Water! It's July here in Texas.


Friday Night - Planes, Trains, and Submarines - Action films that might keep a lot of people home on the weekend instead of going out to see today's mindless action flicks. Yeah, I know three premieres in one night isn't likely.


Friday Overnight - TCM Underground - I wasn't too creative here, just not my cup of tea. Three William Castle movies, only one of which has shown on TCM, I believe.


Saturday Morning - Not-So-Tough Guys - Favorite tough guys as kinder, gentler gangsters.


Saturday Afternoon - The Tormented Artist - The Etch-a-Sketch debuted on July 12, 1960. This toy scarred me for life, as I have no artistic talent whatsoever. I know TCM showed three painters' biopics last October, but I couldn't resist, and only one of them is repeated here.


Saturday Night - The Essentials - Bad Day at Black Rock - Just a good movie, and I was surprised I couldn't find any references to it being shown as an Essential. The rest of the night is devoted to other screenplays by Dalton Trumbo, including my Never Seen movie Roman Holiday (haven't even seen parts of it for some reason).


I used all seven premieres, and my tally of twenty previously-shown films seems a little high. A couple of them are showing next February, and one dates back to 1998. I included eleven cartoons and twenty-one shorts, leaving no gap longer than nine minutes in the schedule (I think, anyway; probably made an error somewhere). What I lack in quality, I make up for with quantity!


And here's the breakdown of my feature films by decades:

1920's - 2

1930's - 29

1940's - 33

1950's - 11

1960's - 8

1970's - 5

1980's - 1

1990's - 1


Sorry if I've done anything similar to TCM's or any past Challenge schedules. If I did, it was simply because my memory is lousy. Thanks for letting me enter!

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