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The Rope inside Hitchcock's re-make Man Who Knew Too Much & others

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Connecting Hitchcockian murder weapons ...


Just wanted to mention the (rope) scene in "Man Who Knew Too Much" 1956 re-make:


The evil doers in MWKTM '56 intend to strangle poor little Henry "Hank" McKenna  (Christopher Olsen) simple because he is no longer useful to them. In the basement a man in shadows holds a (rope) a closeup image of a shortened length of (rope) will be the murder weapon. It looks exactly like a closeup scene of the (rope) in "Rope".


Noting the maternal instincts in MWKTM little Hank is saved by his 'mother's voice' & the feelings of the over-friendly English woman Lucy (Brenda de Banzie) ( who is also his kidnapper. This scene sequence happens after they move Hank to inside the Embassy. Josephine "Jo" Conway (Doris Day) sings her signature song "Que Sera, Sera" & Hank is saved. Doris sure sings this song a lot in this movie ...two times & then she also hums it at every opportunity. She sings it loudly too.


Shovels: In "Rear Window" shovels appear a few times... Liusa Fremont (Grace Kelly) & the insurance nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) attempt to unearth evidence on suspected killer Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr) ...they try to unearth the truth with a ...shovel.


In the comedy "The Trouble with Harry"  the shovels are everywhere...looks like everyone old enough to weld a shovel has one.  The trouble with Harry is ...he... just... won't... stay... buried.


Poor Harry Worp (the corpse) pkayed by Philip Truex...we never hear Harry b/c he is already a corpse when we first see him...shortly thereafter out come the shovels. Shovels in this beautiful, pastoral Vermont countryside where the beauty of Autumn becomes  a character in itself. I noticed one of the shovels has a piece missing from its tip...like something took a bite out of it.


'this is not a painting it's a pastel' ...of poor dead Harry...the corpse who would not stay buried.


Taxidermy... Two Hitchcockian scenes from two movies  inspiring totally different emotions after viewing, come to mind... the remake: "The Man Who Knew Too Much" 1955 & "Psycho" 1960.


In TMWKTM Benjamin "Ben" McKenna  (Jimmy Stewart) is on serious mission to find his kidnapped son ...serious situation indeeed; then he stumbles into the Taxidermy shop...then it turns into a slapstick comedy routine common in Hitchcock movies. Stuffed dead animals everywhere ...they still bite apparently.


In "Psycho" the mood is not humorous, it is creepy, dark & sinister...here we meet one of Hitchcock's unforgettable villains.. Norman Bates (Anthony "Tony" Perkins ...nobody who has watched Psycho will ever

forget Norman Bates. He is very memorable ...he is filmed bird-like ...beady eyed, sharp nosed bird of prey. It is unlucky for Marion Crane (crane) her bird-like name (Janet Leigh) that she met Norman Bates & he brought her a sandwich in his motel sitting room. Dead birds mounted everywhere ...crows & birds of prey greeted her there.


Falling scene...slo-mo falling Hitchcock style...  "Jeff" Jefferies (Jimmy Stewart) falls from his 'peeping photog" window ending up with two broken legs instead of just one...but Lisa is there to care for him.


Psycho has the unfortunate Detective Milton Arbogast (Martin Balsam) falling down the Hitchcock signature staircase...Arbogast falls & falls & falls then when we think he should have hit bottom he falls & falls & falls some more. Poor Arbogast...love that name Arbogast. It was his last fall.  

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