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About these "complete" series that TCM is running most days...

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Not exactly complete now are they??? I know, that is not the way they are advertising them...in fact, I haven't even seen an ad for these series...but, I am wondering why not all of the films are showing. It looks like all the Falcons save the last two will run on the 19th, The Falcon's Adventure (1946) , andThe Falcon's Alibi (1946)


All the Torchy Blane's save one, Fly Away Baby (1937) ran on the 1st...we were wondering on another thread, was the copy that poor? I have since wondered if it was a story rights issue. There is a review at imdb.com for it, so I assume it has run on TCM or TNT at some time???


TCM only ran 6 of the 14 Boston Blackies will run on the 30th, so that's fine, but someone correct me if I'm wrong, **** film The Chance of a Lifetime (1943) William Castle's first film, hasn't run yet, has it????


7 of the 13 Warren William, and post Warren William Lone Wolf films will be on, on the 14th. But, they did run all of these recently at least. I did see though that Columbia made 2 earlier Lone Wolf films, The Lone Wolf Returns, (1935) with Melvyn Douglas, and Frances Lederer for the Lone Wolf in Paris Hope these last two will run someday soon!


All 8 Mexican Spitfire films will run on the 21st.


8 of the 16 Andy Hardy films will run on the 23rd. I can understand not running 16 of those in a row, that might be just a tad much, though there is a big Mickey Rooney fan here that I am sure would be tickled ;)


Did I miss any series that was short a film or two??? Oh, I think someone mentioned a few days back that one of the Whistlers was missing, but neither schedule has the titles that ran, for some reason.


Not so much a criticism, as just wondering why, if most of a series is running in one day, why not all of them???

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(Another one of us from programming - I've been asked to answer this one)


I would have obviously liked to play all the movies in a particular series but we weren't able to in some cases - be it a rights issue or missing masters. Hopefully we'll be able to get them in and rerun these complete series later on in the future. Thanks everyone.

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ziggy, TCM is doing what they can, but you also have to factor in the amount of time they have to run them in. They start usually at 6AM EST, but have to be finished prior to the evening's Osborne showings at 8PM.


And, actually, TCM is running ALL the Hardy films. You forgot to look at the 22nd. They start then during the daytime, I think the first was called "A Family Affair," go until 8PM, then resume on the 23rd at 6AM.


Below is a list I compiled back when they first announced the schedule a few months ago (there might be slight programming changes since then):


1. Torchy Blaine (8 of the 9 in the series) (only missing ?Fly-Away Baby?)

2. Rusty (7 of the series) + Nancy Drew (all four in the series)

3. Jungle Jim (2 films)

4. regular features

5. The Whistler (6 of the 8 in the series, with 5 having Richard Dix) + 5 Ken Maynard teamed with Hoot Gibson movies

6. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (8 movies; most edited together from TV episodes and released theatrically) (one has Joan Crawford)

7. The Crime Doctor (8 of the 10 in the series) + I Love a Mystery (3 movies)

8. Philo Vance (6 of 14 Vance films) + 4 Penrod films (contains all 3 of the Billy Mauch series from WB)

9. Carry On series - replaced by Western series

10. Jungle Jim (2 films)

11. regular features

12. Dick Tracy (all 4 of the 1940s series) + The Saint (7 of the 9 in the series)

13. Lassie (6 films) + Arsene Lupin (2 films)

14. The Lone Wolf (7 of the 14 LW films) + Five Little Peppers (all four in the series)

15. East Side Kids/Bowery Boys/etc. (11 films)

16. Sherlock Holmes (4 films) + The Thin Man (5 films)

17. Jungle Jim (2 films)

18. regular features

19. The Falcon (11 of the 13 RKO Falcon films)

20. Flipper (both 1960s? movies) + The Great Gildersleeve (7 films ? 4 of his own series (complete) and his three appearances in the Fibber McGee and Molly movies)

21. Mexican Spitfire (all 8 of the series ? stars Lupe Velez, and there are two other Velez movies thrown in for good measure)

22 and 23. Andy Hardy (ALL 16 films in the series)

24. Jungle Jim (2 movies)

25. regular features

26. Maisie (9 of the 10 films in the series)

27. Four Daughters (all three of the Lemp Family series)(Daughters Courageous had the same basic cast but was a different family) + Perry Mason (all six in the series)

28. Dr. Kildare (all 9 Kildare films with Lew Ayres)

29. The Durango Kid (12 films out 15?)

30. Miss Marple (all 4 films) + Boston **** (6 films)

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tcmunderground2000, thanks for the info! I know you guys are busy, but it would be interesting if you all had a catch all thread(Perhaps a sticky post?) talking about the films that are not available of certain stars, directors, the reasons why, and the hunt for them.....


Filmlover, thanks for the 411 as well...Can't believe they would run that many Andy Hardy films during 2 days, but then again, there may be quite a few folks who have wanted to see/record all of them in one fell swoop. Wouldn't want to try to keep up with 16 films though!

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Thanks for the great work, filmlover!!! You rock dude!!! I gotta go with kimpunkrocks on this one, I mean seriously, we aren't getting every single one of the series (in some cases), but man, where else are you going to get this kinda bliss? I mean seriously, I've been in series bliss and it's only the 9th!!! :) I'm totally groovin' on "The Crime Doctor" right now!


The only HUGE disappointment for me I was reminded of with filmlover's post, is that the "Jungle Jim" films that were to air on Saturday mornings were pulled due to some kind of issue. I'm hoping *pleading* that these can be figured out and aired again sometime in the future, pretty, pretty please???


Otherwise, I'm on 7th heaven!

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I have been discovering and recording films all week ... I was very happy that they ran the whole or at least most of these series. It is very educational to have theses old series brought back. I had never heard of Torchy, or Crime doctor, and the Boston ****, or the Lone Wolf until TCM dug them out. I also got all four the the Nancy Drew, and went to the trouble of looking them up, and doing research on the individual series,Its amazing how many different series where produced in the 40's and int to 50's.

serious props to TCM for showing theses gems...

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I've heard that TCM had some problems when they tried to run a long series of them a few years ago. Some group protested them.


I suggest that TCM should show one every now and then and the group won't bother to protest. They probably won't even notice it.

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A few years back Fox Movie Channel publicized that they had restored and would be running the Charlie Chan series. Film buffs were happy because many of them hadn't been seen for years.


However, there were protests from the Chinese community that these films were racist and they were upset that the Chan films featured a white actor playing Chinese and talking in dialect that they considered offensive.


FMC backed down and pulled the Chan series from broadcast and from retail shelves.


I believe it was just last year that they quietly released the series and quietly played the series on FMC without incident.

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Thanks for the info and history lesson..

Bet 99% of folks watching it never even thought of itas such.. Its a fun movie, People tend to take stuff out of the context that it was made and take them for more then they are, just entermaintment ,

So what the guys playing Charlie's not chiness, how many white guys played indians in the old westerns...?

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I'm curious why there isn't anything (that I can find at least) on the website promoting the series (how do you make that word plural?)? I always run to this site to read up on the movies I watch or when I see a group of related movies like this. I'd be much more interested in watching these series, many that I've never heard of, if I could get a little more information on them. No, it's not required, but knowing more about what I'm watching increases my enjoyment!


If there is an article would someone point me in the right direction, please? I've checked the News section and don't know where else to check.

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