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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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Okay all, this is hopefully going to be a lot of fun for everyone, and with how smart all of you people are, it will probably be quite easy too!


It?s Classic Film Twenty-One Questions and the rules are very simple:


The object is to get the users to guess which film you have in mind by posting one hint at a time. Hints can be *anything*: years, names, places, colors, quotes-- anything you can think of that has to do with the film. The hints should be well thought out and avoid being TOO easy or TOO obscure. For example, if you choose Gone With the Wind, you would not want to give the hint ?Rhett Butler?. =o)


The one rule I do ask is that only one guess may be posted per hint: so if someone posts a hint, and another user makes an incorrect guess, please do not post another guess. Just wait until the next hint is posted and then make your guess. The person who wins by making the correct guess, then gets to conduct the next round.


I will start off this particular round, of course everyone can join in, and I?m sure you?ll all guess these films before the 21st hint!!



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Yes, LTL, I was certain that it was SOME LIKE IT HOT shortly after I gave my first answer. I just didn't want to break the rules and was waiting for you to provide us with the 3rd. Hint so I could say so. For me it was a long afternoon of waiting that ended in disappointment...and the cheater wins! Good job, Nedlato! So, it's your turn now. Let's keep the game going.

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Na, I didn't "kill" Ned. His fate here is in his own hands (LOL). But it appears that he did a great job of killing this thread, which had great potential, and could have been lots of fun for the rest of us. If Ned didn't plan to keep "Classic Film 21 Questions" going, then I suggest that Littletramplover should start a new game for us.

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I'd be delighted to start a new round!


Ok...anyone who wants to play should go back to Littletramplover's opening post in this thread, read the rules she outlined, and please follow them.


I will do my very best to come back about every hour or so to provide you with a new clue/hint.


Here we go with my first clue/hint: Halloween


Have fun everyone!

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