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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

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Yikes! I didn't realize I broke the rules. Sorry. I have been around awhile but never went back to page one of this thread to read the instructions.


It is difficult sometimes to get back regularly when you are the one giving the clues.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....okay here we go.




A San Francisco working girl is planning a party for her fiance when the niece of her boss shows up.



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no idea on what film that is, though with that detailed a clue, I'm sure someone could get it, if only they checked out the thread. And just in case we still have the 'one guess per clue' rule, I'm not making a guess. :)


And GWTW, I like the 'time' rule. I'd 'vote' for 48 hrs, to give folks some leeway. Also, I'd add a provision that if you knew you were going to be absent longer than that, you could post multiple clues (say 1 for each 24 hrs you'd be gone) and if we had/have the 'one guess per person per clue' rule, folks could guess as many times as the the number of clues given at once, then everyone waits til the MC gets back to see who won. One more idea to toss in the pot.

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LOL....no guesses in almost 12 hours....so..




Visiting girl (who is moving in) can't get a ticket for the theatre, spends the evening mooning over photos of the fiance's mansion and meeting a novelist who shows up.

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Nope...gee I don't know that movie. Love finding new titles. hehehe.




The crafty lovely visitor starts putting doubts into the wealthy fiance's mind about his beloved's intentions.


And she gets her portrait painted while also romancing the novelist.

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