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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

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CLUE# 8, Shows himself to the world as a rich Philanthropist. but behind the scenes he's one heck of a rascal . this movie could becalled the citizen kane

sequel minus orson wells. the theme of the whole movie is so similar. lolite....

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ML i'm munching right along with you. I can't wait for you to see this film you're gonna love it!....lolite.


now on to the next CLUE #9.The Lead actor of this movie

use to be in a lot of westerns...his first name is

rather biblical. lolite.

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CLUE #11. In the beginning of the film,he gives a party

a dance formal ball to donate his estate and grounds to

promote world peace he also includes in his giving a

25 million endowment fund. While people at the dress ball

admire his generosity.While this is going on Flashbacks

start in the movie as he looks back on his life.



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Thanks ML & Sixmorereasons for letting me know!....

glad everyones enjoying my clues but sad to say i'm

running out of clues....


CLUE# 13. Fameous actress plays a dual role for the first

time in the year this film was made....it help promote

the film at the box office...MarthaBurnside/ Mallory Flagg. who's the actress? Then you get the name of the film I hope. lolite.

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YES!!!!!!!! MONGO YOU GOT IT !!!!!!!

CONGRAULATIONS TO YOU. Was it the glues or when i told who wrote the screenplay...just curious. Now i happily

give it to mongo for a new round....


P.S. BTW You can watch Ruthless 1948 stars Zachary Scott

and Diana Lynn at www.Movie flix.com for free just have to have real player or real player broadband......

to watch with buttered popcorn YUMMY!.......


review of this film for www.imdb.com be online monday

or tuesday i hope it takes two days after posting for

approval... Have a good one !....lolite.

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Thank you lolite. I knew I was familiar with the names Martha and Mallory and finally thought of Diana Lynn. I saw "Ruthless" years ago and it is indeed a good drama.



Clue # 1 A gorgeous blonde

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I just want to jump in here for a second to Congratulate Mongo for getting Lolite's movie, and tell her that I sure enjoyed her clues. Lolite sure made this thread fun again! I've never seen the movie, so I never would have gotten it, but I'll be sure to see it now! I'll read your review at IMDb, too! :)ML

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