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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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If therealfuster hasn't posted a clue by the time I log in tomorrow then I will go again.


I actually like the remake of the Gaslight better as well, it was actually the one I had in mind when I was posting clues. *spoiler* The one thing I do find interesting about the british version is that the jewels were in her locket all along. But the 1944 version is better in just about every way.

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I came in one these games, a little late in the movie.


How does this work? I've never known the rules. If one answers correctly are they to make up the next trivia question?


I shall wait for your or anyone's answer and then act accordingly next time.


Thank you!

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Go back to the begining of this thread- pages and pages ago : )and the rules are laid out there. Basically, whoever answers correctly, goes on with the game by thinking of a movie and giving clues one at a time, you are suppose to wait until someone geusses before posting another clue. There is only suppose to be one geuss and then you give a clue, sometimes though the rules are bent and there are multiple geusses by different people before you give another clue.Also if it takes a long time- a day or so, before someone geusses some people post another clue before there is a geuss. : )Teehee. That's the basics!

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I appreciate your update on the rules, because I would have had to go back over 7,000 replies to find the origin, and who knows...it might have been my bedtime by then.


I should have realized how this worked long ago, but I think I was concentrating more on the answers and questions, than on who was posting them.


Merci Beaucoup, Shaina!

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