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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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Sorry, but that's not it. It looks like this one may be more difficult than I thought. So, I'll give one more clue before giving the answer.




One of the 2 acting leads in this film received an oscar nomination for Best Actress for her previous role in

LADY FOR A DAY (early 30's).

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You got it Feaito,



I think May Robson was a great character actress and she

appeared in many fine films. Although Lady By Choice is described as a sequel to Lady for a Day, it really isn't.

The only thing both films have in common are May Robson

starring in the lead and the "rehabilation" that her

character goes through. Otherwise, they are completely different stories. Well thanks for playing along, now it's your turn.


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Wow, thanks! I got that one thanks to the fact that I have "The Films of Carole Lombard" since I was a child. Love Lombard.


Tomorrow I'm going to the beach (to a place wiht no internet connection) and I'll be stayin' there until monday afternoon, so I pass the next round, to Mary Lou, Lolite or whomever wants to start it. Have fun!

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