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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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Before shaina begins, I have a quick question to tramplover or whomever.

Didn't see a related guideline in the opening post, and I not about to sift through 500+ posts to see if the matter has already been broached.


What I'm wondering is: has there been some agreed-upon guideline about period-of/genre-of films that one should or should not be considering when guessing?


In other words: is there a cut-off decade or are all open (silent, modern, et cetera); and are any genres excluded (horror, scifi, documentary,animated etc). And what about films not/not yet run on TCM (e.g. the recently TCM-acquired Sunset Boulevard).


Just wondering.


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You can click "First Post" to see tramplover's original rules. She specified no period or genre restrictions. However, those who have been playing have almost always limited their choice of films to classics, or at least those films which were released prior to 1970. Nearly every genre, except maybe documentary, has been played as well. And NO, the film doesn't have to have been shown on TCM.

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So far, your clues have described a common plot of about 5,000 different movies made during the past century. In fact, this plot even goes back to some pre-Civil War plays. Ok, so I?ll guess ?Our American Cousin,? the play Lincoln was watching in Ford's Theater.

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