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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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Waall, you know, it, ah, sorta sounds like THE F.B.I. STORY to me.


It is The FBI Story starring James Stewart and Vera Miles. You win. Your turn.


And to those who were wondering about the clues, here is an explanation:


1. An ocean journey ? Mario, a guide in South America, who has always wanted to see the ocean, is killed and his body falls into the river which will lead out to the ocean.

2. An undelivered letter ? Chip Hardesty?s (James Stewart) letter of resignation

3. A newspaper editor ? stood up to the ****

4. Winning a bet ? a crooked banker behind a series of Indian killings bet the undercover FBI agent (Stewart) that the FBI would never come.

5. A scent of lilacs ? Chip?s FBI partner is shot and as he dies he smells lilacs nearby.

6. A phony insurance salesman ? another undercover FBI agent trying to solve the Indian killings.

7. Yankee Doodle ? the song that plays when the musical beanie?s propeller turns

8. An unfinished speech ? Chip?s daughter is giving a school speech but forgets the end of it and runs off

9. Lots of bathtubs ? the Indians that were being killed had struck it rich in oil and collected odd things, one who bought a lot of tubs and sinks

10. A Mystery section rendezvous ? Chip?s love (Vera Miles) is a librarian early in the picture and they would pretend to be looking for a book in the Mystery section and kiss.

11. A South American taxi driver ? an undercover FBI agent

12. A young version of Joseph and an angel ? Chip?s children who dress as such for a play

13. A Marine sergeant is killed at Iwo Jima ? Chip?s son

14. Not normally, but here fifty cents is two bits ? a fifty-cent piece is hollow and contains a microfilm. When dropped on a counter at a dry cleaner, it breaks into two pieces or two bits.

15. Time bomb ? from the opening of the film, a young man insures his mother during a flight and plants a timebomb in her luggage, that goes off while up in the sky.

16. A final picture show ? the FBI kill John Dillinger outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago where Manhattan Melodrama starring Clark Gable was playing.

17. A musical beanie ? Chip buys this for his daughter while on stakeout. This is the one that plays ?Yankee Doodle?

18. The house that Ruth built ? obviously, Yankee Stadium. The FBI tail the man with the coin containing the microfilm to Yankee Stadium.

19. Hogan?s Alley ? the training ground for FBI recruits.

20. Famous initials battle infamous initials ? the FBI vs. the ****


And the last clue was to be:

21. While the tale has settings in Chicago, New York, Oklahoma, and South America, the movie is centered at a building at 9th and Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C. where the motto is ?Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity?

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