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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

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Let's say that, considering the fact that Coffedan won, breaking the rules of the thread and that he seems to be unavailable...maybe Slappy or Classics could start a new one...


An please, let's try to post only ONE guess per hint...OK...Just as this thread's author (LTL) said it should be...

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I'll only add that I could see (finally) that the only way this game goes smoothly is if the person giving the clues sticks around and fires a new one off as soon as someone gives an answer.


Ideally, the movie should be one that everyone should be quite familiar with, and the clues won't be too obscure, but will produce a new winner without the same round dragging on all day.


And, because some people aren't getting it about "one answer per clue", and "if you win, you start the next round", I guess we need to remind people as we go along. By now, not many people are going to go way back to Littletramplover's original post and read her rules.


Well, these are just my thoughts. I really want to see this thread continue, and lots of people playing!

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Well, until now none of the movies have been "too obscure"...Some Like it Hot and Niagara, are extremely well known, Dodsworth, Portrait Jennie and Ship of Fools are not obscure at all, on the contrary, they all won Academy Awards, and were nominated in other categories...and Arsenic and Old Lace, is a cult-favorite...


Well, I nobody's going to start....Here I go again:


Hint N? 1: Thieves

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What I wanted to say is that every classics lover should be familiar with those movies....I misused the word "obscure", ....I don't think either that clues, in general, have been obscure, each movie has been guessed before the 10th hint...(and there can be 21).



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Feaito, it wasn't my intention to say that the movies and hints/clues so far have been all that "obscure"...they haven't been! I was just putting out a plea that they don't head that way so that even people without a ton of knowledge about films can play in this thread and enjoy themselves....and even stand a fair chance of winning one. And, I honestly believe that it was in this spirit that Littletramplover started this Trivia Thread.


And, because many of us also have lives away from our computers, I also think that it would be rediculous to go the full 21 questions for one round. How many people can/will hang around that long?



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OK classicsfan, it wasn't my intention either, I'm sure you mean what you say, you've always seemed to me, a very centered, respectful & mature person (upon reading your posts at differente threads).I was only clarifying (too) my points of view on the thread.


I only want to add...that being a classic movie channel, obviously this thread will have to do more with 30's or 40's films, than stuff like Grease or Alien.


Sadly...my life is being connected, almost all of the time (at my work) to a computer...I wish I had more time for watching films.


Well let's keep playing.

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