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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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Sorry, metz, not ALL THE KING'S MEN. But you seem to know WHERE to find the clue.


Recap of clues so far, before I post another:


Clue 1: A1, S8, Sub 11, third word

Clue 2: This clue can be found in 1K 8:37 and 1K 18:2.

Clue 3: If you're going to make a declaration, it's the 12th word. Then place it after the answer to Clue #1.

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Clue #1 = WAR. From Article 1, section 8, sub-paragraph 11 of the Constitution Of The United States.


Clue #2 = FAMINE. From 1 Kings, chapter 8, verse 37. KJV Bible.


Clue #3 = 87 years ago (1921). From Lincoln?s Gettysburg address. Four score and seven.


Clues 1 and 2 are the names of two of the four horses of the apocalypse from the Book Of Revelation. The other two are STRIFE and DEATH, depending on which Bible you use.


Nice clues.




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Actually, I was going for WAR meaning World War I ... since clue #3 is the word "one," found in the Declaration of Independence. Clue #4 (you said #3) I assume clinched it for you. Nice job of detective work.


It is your turn to make up clues now :)

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