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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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One of the gang is a gay man. This is mentioned at introductions, and a few comments are made

later, never reaching a point of real humor, and certainly not a point of hostility or of refusal to work

with the man. He is a solid member of this enterprise, and is pulling his weight. Considering the

issue date of this film, this is an unusual feature.

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The members of this gang acquired their basic skills during military service. Then they trained together before the heist. As a preliminary step, they armed themselves with a raid on a military


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Negative re Kelly's Heros. Its peacetime.


Clue #9:


The organizer of the gang spent his last few months before retirement going through personnel

records looking for recently discharged officers. Some dishonorably dismissed, some declared

"redundant" and cashiered with short pensions (his own circumstance). Anyway, disgruntled

and cash-strapped. As he planned, he was able to organize and motivate them to help him go

after a big payday.

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Opening sequence: A city street at night. A car passes. Then a manhole cover is lifted and a man in a full formal tux climbs out. He gets into an expensive-looking automobile and drives away. The organizer of the robbery has made a first recon of the objective. This 'climbing-from-the-manhole shot is used on some of the movie's posters.

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