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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~


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> {quote:title=lavenderblue19 wrote:}{quote}

> Mr. 6's- wasn't on most of yesterday and didn't read your response. Let's leave the thread open and give some else a turn.


On that basis, I'll take another try.


Clue # 1: A story based on an actual event in showbiz history.

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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:}{quote}

> wild guess..."Guns,Ghosts and Girlfriends" '07 ?

> (yes, a real title)



Negative re that title; a 1960's flick.


Clue #3

One historical fact: A State law was passed that a certain name could never again be displayed

on a building in the state.

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Dead on!. The legal point was that the hullabaloo that ensued when the guardians of public morals

brought about the decline of Vaudville by raiding Minsky's Theater, a law was passed that made it illegal to display the name "MINSKY'S" on a building.


If you can get a chance to see it, the movie is only about 90% drek. I.E. no simple Amish maiden

came to New York with a desire to dance "stories from the Bible." No irate Amish father tracked her

down there and made a wrong move that tore off her dress and thereby invented the striptease. But the basic event is true, and these fancifull events are just there to dress up an actual event.


Next up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

1) Explosions

2) Robbery & Murder

3) Whiskey, Cards and Roulette Wheel

4) Falsely Accused

5) Ex Lover

6) Another Robbery This Time The Bank

7) Revenge,Jealousy and Unrequited Love

8) Lynch Mob

9) One Hangs The Other Escapes

10) Fire!

11) Underground Cave

12) Chased By Town Posse

13) White Dress On One, Black On The Other

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To anyone that is interested in the 21 questions thread, I can't complete it due to a family emergency but felt compelled to at least give you the answer and have the thread left open for someone else to continue. Nicholas Ray's JOHNNY GUITAR starring Joan Crawford,Sterling Hayden and Mercedes McCambridge is the film I was thinking about. There is so much that can be said about this film. If anyone is interested the are countless reviews on the internet about it. Scorsese and Truffaut both loved this film and if you get the chance to see it I thought it was great.

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I want to do something different with this question only. I am going to post a number of clues at

the outset, and will add others later. Two things: 1) The clues are all plot features, and 2) there are a number of correct answers -- movie titles. In fact, it will become clear that some of the films

are remakes of others one can name. I am aware of many titles that apply, and others may be able to add more that I don't know about. Hope this holds interest; hope it works.


Clue # 1. Two violent gangs vie for control of a territory.

Clue # 2. Police either weak, bought out or absent all together.

Clue # 3. Hero caught between the two, must outsmart both sides to survive.

Clue # 4. One side substantially defeated; a slaughter.

Clue # 5. Hero caught by one side and brutally beaten; must escape and recover.


That's for starters.

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I'll give two:

The Glass Key (1942)*

A Fistful Of Dollars (1964)*

...* These are both remakes. Naming the origionals would add to the list of right answers.


Clue # 6. In some, but not all of the examples, a captive woman is taken away from her family and held by a gang boss.

(Its legitimate to use the same titles again, when and if they answer follow-up clues.)

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Clue # 7. The Coen Brothers have put out yet another version of this basic story -- a very good one. Title?


As for the examples named in Clue #6:

Glass Key (1942) was a remake of Glass Key (1935). Sourced from a Dashiell Hammett novel.

Fistful Of Dollars was a remake of Yojimbo (1961).

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