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I'd never seen this before. Like a mishmash of Irwin Allen, STAR WARS, and 2001.


"It's like Dante's Inferno!" someone cries, of the black hole.


I kept waiting for Red Buttons to show up


Maximillian Schell as the mad scientist and Tony Perkins as his fascinated would-be assistant give the best performances.


Yvette Mimieux, long past her Weena stage, looks Botoxed throughout.


Unlike other Disney sci-fi's, it lacks trademark quality and charm, although the ending has some haunting images. There's something rather cheesy about the whole production.


I wanted to immediately dismantle Roddy and Slim Pickens. Beep-beep! Cute 'bot overload.


That "whirlpoolish" black hole theme is kind of scary.


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It's pretty dark for Disney, a not unwelcome blend of sci-fi and horror (i.e., Yvette Mimieux looks like she's going to get a transformation like the parents in INVADERS FROM MARS) but nothing really comes together satisfactorily in my opinion.


Such potential wasted!!


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Worse than I remembered

I didnt like it at all

The cast was miscast and the characters were all drab and blah to me

Anthony Perkins outside of Psycho usually isnt very good to me :)

I liked the part where it said "The End" at the end :)

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I was perplexed why MST3K couldnt get the Crab Monsters, they got the other Corman wonders like Teenage Caveman, It Conquered the World,,,too bad that Rhino wasnt able to get them on DVD when MST had the rights

Port Sinister is an obscure movie that I think Alpha put on DVD...lost treasure movie I think, it had a scene with big crabs

Boring movie besides the crabs

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