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Leave Him To Heaven-- the presidential hate of drumpf aka trump

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54 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

President Trump on Rep. Rashida Tlaib's call to 'impeach that motherf*****':

"I thought her comments were disgraceful...I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family."


Mehdi HasanVerified account @mehdirhasan 2h2 hours


As disgraceful as ‘grab them by the p**ssy?’

As disgraceful as ‘****’ countries?

As disgraceful as black athletes being ‘sons of ****es’?

As disgraceful as calling Omarosa a ‘dog’ or Stormy Daniels ‘horseface’?

As disgraceful as ‘blood coming out of her wherever’?



As  disgraceful as mocking and making fun of a disabled journalist?

As disgraceful as calling Mexicans rapists?

As disgraceful as saying a black congresswoman has a low IQ -- and repeating this filthy racist comment about Maxine Waters repeatedly?


And as disgraceful as having no respect for this country's allies, while pandering to this country's known enemy.


*What trump really meant to say was that it was disgraceful and vulgar that a woman of color who was also a Muslim didn't have more respect for his white male privilege. Because even if what she said was the truth, she had no right to say it because of who and what she was.

But in reality, she's a congresswoman and she has every right to discuss in any way or fashion the impeachment of a sitting president if she thinks that's a necessary issue to put on the table and that is actually her responsibility under the Constitution.

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10 hours ago, jakeem said:

President Trump says he has considered calling a national emergency to build a wall: "I can do it if I want. ...We can call a national emergency ... I haven't done it. I may do it" https://cnn.it/2RxFSbj 

Image result for trump rose garden images


10 hours ago, jakeem said:

A senior admin official tells me lawyers from Pentagon, DHS and White House are "working out the details" over how the president could declare a national emergency to use DOD to build his wall, bypassing Congress.

Reichstag Fire

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Donald Trump is an idiot, but over the years he has learned that he has a much higher tolerance for chaos and disruption than other people. He has also learned to weaponize that trait by creating so much chaos and pain that others will surrender and give him what he wants.

He’s like a spoiled four-year-old in a supermarket checkout line, pitching a hissy fit until Mom or Dad buys him the candy bar he sees on the rack. He’s doing it because he knows it works, and he knows it works because it has worked for him a thousand times in the past.

Trump’s superpower is not giving a ****, and he's using it to win the shutdown showdown. People going without paychecks, parks overflowing with trash, government unable to perform basic functions … he doesn’t care, but he knows that others do: Advantage him.

So if you’re one of those who do care about the damage being done, what do you do? Do you give Baby Trump his candy bar and thus reopen government? No, you do not, because if he “wins” by taking the gov’t hostage over that idiotic wall, he’ll do it again on something else.

The responsible thing to do for those who care about this country is to swallow the short-term damage that Trump is doing to avoid the even larger, longer-term damage that would be done by giving into him. Don’t reward the brat for being a brat. Punish him.

This Congress was elected specifically to serve as a brake on Trump. That’s why Nancy Pelosi is Speaker Pelosi, to be the grownup. That’s why Dems outperformed Reps by nine percentage points nationwide. And this, right now, is where it begins. Short-term pain, long-term gain.

It's up to the American people to decide if they want the president of the United States to hold the whole country hostage over his toddler temper tantrums.

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10 hours ago, jakeem said:

President Donald Trump walks out of the Oval Office to a news conference in the Rose Garden.



trump looks bad and mad, but no amount of cursing Nancy Pelosi out is going to help him get out of his own mess this time.






3 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Pentagon chief of staff resigns-

"The Department of Defense's chief of staff Rear Adm. Kevin Sweeney has resigned, according to a statement.

Sweeney said in a brief statement that he planned to return to the private sector, giving no reason for his departure. His exit comes just days after Secretary of Defense James Mattis, for whom Sweeney previously served, left the agency after announcing his resignation earlier in the month.

"After two years in the Pentagon, I've decided the time is right to return to the private sector....





2 hours ago, mr6666 said:

  reporting the Pentagon Chief of Staff has resigned.

This within 24 hours of Trump claiming he can call national emergency and direct DOD to build a wall.


Before Mueller time, trump may have to face a real constitutional crisis on his own without anybody left to fix it for him.

The military has solidly turned against him.

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:


3 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump again this morning claims to reporters that many of the government workers not getting paychecks because of shutdown over the wall "agree 100 percent with what I'm doing"

On people not getting paychecks: “I can relate and I'm sure the people who are on the receiving end will make adjustments, they always do... but many of those people who won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree with what I'm doing,” Trump said, per pool


5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Chuck Schumer Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Enough with the memes. Just quit hurting innocent people and re-open the government.

 And this is an example of trump being trump.

Trump can't relate to anyone or anything except his own navel.

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

With the departure of White House chief of staff John Kelly, the misinformation emanating from President Trump has only escalated. "It has devolved into anarchy," said one alumnus of Trump's White House.



Extreme right-wing Anarchy

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51 minutes ago, jakeem said:

A racist will never win the popular vote because he or she cannot be the president for the majority of the American people--

much less all of the American people.

All Americans are created equal.

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26 minutes ago, jakeem said:

The declaration of a national emergency when it's clear that no such emergency exists is an egregious seizure of power and is itself grounds for impeachment.


25 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

Only six immigrants in terrorism database stopped by CBP at southern border in first half of 2018

The low number contradicts statements by Trump administration officials.
......... Sarah Sanders, who said Friday that CBP stopped nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists from crossing the southern border in fiscal year 2018. ...

"NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt" also verified these facts.

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5 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump claimed ex-presidents told him they wanted to build a wall. Four of them say it’s not true.


You know who cares what these for alive ex-presidents say.

Trump is living in the White House where there were a lot of presidents in Residence.

Who are we to say that Teddy Roosevelt or even Ike haven't chatted with him from their portraits or come down from the Lincoln bedroom and to tell him how it is.

My best guess so is that Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson , who has his portrait hanging in a special place in the Oval Office has advised Trump on what to do about this wall.

You have to remember Old Hickory was the president who kept on Fighting the War of 1812 even though he knew it was over during the Battle of New Orleans.

And you have to remember that Old Hickory's base was a bunch of illiterate lower class white men who stormed the White House upon his arrival and just about demolished it.

Old Hickory also got his fortune from stealing Indian lands and enslaving black people.-- even though he was a lower class white man.

So if Old Hickory told Trump to Build That Wall and that he would have built that wall himself if he had had the chance--

plus we all know about what  Old Hickory thought about that Central Bank thing.

These guys have a lot in common and now we can rest assured that trump is getting some good advice from an Oval Office veteran.

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13 hours ago, mr6666 said:

NewsweekVerified account @Newsweek 2h2 hours ago


U.S. is nearly as dangerous as Russia, much more than North Korea,

Germans say in a new poll https://trib.al/2VKkVN2 



12 hours ago, jakeem said:

The declaration of a national emergency when it's clear that no such emergency exists is an egregious seizure of power and is itself grounds for impeachment.

"  God help us. " Robert De Niro

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3 hours ago, jakeem said:

The Trump campaign and RNC are fundraising off tonight’s Oval Office address.

Campaign email urges supporters to raise $500,00 for “the Official Secure the Border Fund.”



3 hours ago, jakeem said:

Brian J. Karem Retweeted Justin Duckham

Any chance to make a buck. I wouldn't be surprised to see product placement during the POTUS speech. @realDonaldTrump

 trump has no shame, no conscience and no respect for the office of the presidency or the American people.

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4 hours ago, jakeem said:

Trump, December: I will own the shutdown. I won't blame the Democrats.

Trump, January: The shutdown is the fault of the Democrats, not me!


4 hours ago, jakeem said:

Dave Weigel Retweeted Brian Tashman

To be fair, those remarks were made in a totally different part of the same office.

Lying lips

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1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:
Act Four • Opinion
Trump tried to play a normal president on television. The result was very strange.
Watching Trump mouth platitudes he can't possibly believe isn't comforting. It's horrifying.
By Alyssa Rosenberg  •  Read more »

 Don't worry, trump will pull a Charlottesville, a birther or a Central Park 5 on you and you'll be quite familiar with the real him again.

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10 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Per congressional aide, this was the exchange at the WH:

Schumer: you are using people as leverage. Why won't you open the government and stop hurting people?

Trump: "because then you won't give me what I want."

You can't negotiate with somebody who has no empathy, no conscience, and no sense of decency..

" God help us! " Robert De Niro

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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

4,806 federal employees and contractors living in D.C., Maryland and Virginia have applied for unemployment benefits since the shutdown began according to our tally of the latest numbers maintained by state and local officials



Between tariffs and the government shutdown, trump is going to ruin the Obama Miracle Economic Recovery.

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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Trump, to Border Patrol: "They have done a fantastic job. Never so many apprehensions, ever, in our history."

Reality: border apprehensions are at their lowest level since the early 1970s.

Image result for trump border visit


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Fred Kaplan Retweeted Timothy Burke

If he believes this, why does he think that we need a wall - or that there’s an emergency?

He's begging for impeachment.

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10 hours ago, jakeem said:


8 hours ago, jakeem said:

The president denied knowing about his former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s sharing of 2016 polling data with a Russian-linked operative. “No, I didn’t know anything about it, nothing about it.”

A triple negative denial equals collusion LOL

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18 hours ago, jakeem said:

Molly Jong-Fast Retweeted Aaron Rupar

The president is playing 76 dimensional chess by shutting down the government and screwing over the American people so that Ann Coulter won’t be mad at him.

What does Trump care about the American people.

Since the majority of American voters didn't vote for him anyway,

 He could care less about their welfare in spite of the oath that he took on inauguration day.


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7 hours ago, jakeem said:

"Nearly every time he puts thumb to keypad, he exposes that he has never progressed beyond the mentality of the precollegiate, trash-talking teen," argues @JohnHMcWhorter:




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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

NYT reports that law enforcement officials were so concerned by Trump's actions after firing Comey that the FBI began investigating whether Trump was a Russian agent

Following President Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, the bureau grew increasingly concerned about whether the president’s actions constituted anti-American activity.


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

On the day the New York Times reports the FBI opened an investigation into the possibility that Trump is a Russian asset, Trump’s shutdown of the United States Government became the longest Government shutdown in our history. He sure doesn’t seem to be working for our side.


57 minutes ago, jakeem said:

And while you’re reading this, remember that last year Trump had a two-hour private meeting with Vladimir Putin with no record kept of what they discussed

Holy Benedict Arnold, Batman!

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