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(grasping at straws) Burgess Meredith in "Idiot's Delight" ?




No, I didn't think "Idiot's Delight" was a musical... and it was released in 1939, not in the 1940s, as is our film.


The film in question is a musical, it was released in the 1940s, and it starred an actress who never before, and never since, received top billing... although she had a solid film career, appearing in 17 movies and several TV shows.


The line in question, again, is:


"At last! I've arrived! I am a success! My book has been banned in Boston!"


It is spoken by an actor who made over 100 movies in a career that spanned 30 years.


Who said it, and in what movie?




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dan, it's been over a week since your orig. post...just to keep things moving, want to give answer and pose a new quote? :)




Hiya, sixes... Okay, I'll give you a new quote. This one is kinda tricky, so I will give you MUCH MORE in the way of hints than most posters do on this thread.


Here is the quote:




That is the entire quote, and it is written precisely the way it is said in the movie. A "famous quotes" search on the IMDb or Google will avail you nothing except all the hundreds of movies that have the word "children" in them. But in this particular film, that line is pronounced as two words, not one; and in a very chilling way.


Note that word: chilling. Now, on to the rest of the hints:


The movie starred an actor with more than 100 movies to his credit, in a 50-plus year career.


This actor, though a popular leading man for much of his career, never won the Academy Award, though he was nominated once.


One of his co-stars in this film is considered one of the greatest actresses in all of cinema, with a special record of her own.


Now then. Tell me the name of the film, and the name of the actor.


Who said: "Chil...dren?"




Oh, and the answer to the last question:


"At last! I've arrived! I am a success! My book has been banned in Boston!" was spoken by Charles Arnt, as a struggling writer, in "Greenwich Village" (1944). His film career spanned 30 years, from 1933 to 1962.




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norbell wrote:


hello Dan


is it Evelyn Varden in Night of the Hunter?

actor would be Robert Mitchum and actress Lillian Gish?

is this where she summons the kids to meet the preacher?






YES!!! Boy, I never expected the right answer so fast! Truly, norbell, you are one of the Kings of Trivia!


Your turn now. Make it a good one.




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*In Cold Blood* '67 ?

'Perry' (Robert Blake) to the reverand, in his cell just before his execution.

Reverend: [visibly moved] I'm glad you don't hate your father anymore.

Perry: "But I do. I hate him. And I love him."

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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:}{quote}

> ILRM--want to take it? :)


Thank you, you are too kind! I didn't really have one in mind, but I figured one out pretty fast.


This is one is from a pretty well know film so that should make it easier!



"Uh...Uh...Uh! Isaiah's on the other side."

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Okay, so you guys need a clue?


The Isaiah talked about is the Isaiah from the Bible.


The line is spoken by a "unsavory" character with an ironic knowledge of the Bible!


(When I say unsavory I mean that the character is completely different than most Bible-knowing people. The character is a "good" guy though.)

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Your clues finally got me in the right direction...can't recall for sure who said the line--was it Brando or Nicely Nicely?? (those would be my guesses--but maybe you still want someone to answer that- I don't want to break any rules around here.) :-) I'm just so excited to finally guess one right! Let me know if I'm next or if you still want someone who can give you a name--I don't have a clue what to post yet as a new quote anyway...but am willing to try if you want me to do it. :-)

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Ok--here goes..this is probably way too easy...


This is not from a big defining moment in the story, but it is probably one of my favorite lines from this film.


"Who would claim to be that who was not?"

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