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> {quote:title=judycwrite wrote:}{quote}

> *"This isn't a hospital; it is an insane asylum!"*


> Who said it to whom in what context and in what classic film?


Hot Lips (Sally Kellerman} in the origional M*A*S*H ??

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Yup, immediately following her shower unveiling scene. She stomps over to Colonel Blake's tent and raves. You can hardly tell where the left over shampoo bubbles end and her frothing at the mouth starts!!


You're up cmygor!!

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How about quote: I don't mind being run over in a stampede, falling off of cliffs or fighting wild animals, but when a bunch of women tear off my clothes, I QUIT. What actor said that in what movie?


*Believe it or not, this line was said by GENE AUTRY in THE BIG SHOW in 1920. Doesn't sound like a Gene Autry quote, does it? Nice try anyway.*

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" Pulp Fiction "-( Butch to his french girlfriend)


What film was this qoute from?


"That's all right. I don't mind a skinny girl- just so she has blue eyes to make up for it. You got blue eyes?"


"That's all right. They don't have to be blue."


(They kiss passionately)

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