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??she was very clever, she said ?please speak to me in English I don?t understand French.? French! She pretended not to know the difference between Hungarian and French. Nonsense! She knows both and the blood royal!?

?How did your find that out??

?Instinct, maestro, instinct. Only the Hungarian, a Magyar race, can produce that air of the divine right, those high cheekbones, those resolute eyes. She is?a princess!?

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I was quoting from *Pygmalion* (since I was watching it at the time)?not sure if it?s exactly the same line in *My Fair Lady*?but thought it was a fitting follow-up to finance?s post?(also, sorry for the typo)?very fine work Mr. 6?s?your thread?

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thanks, eve.


now who remembers....

" You wanna quit, quit! Go back to the bottle, get drunk. One thing, though. The next time someone throws a dollar into a spittoon, don't expect me to do anything about it. Just get down on your knees and get it."


--film, speaker?

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Thanks, Sixes. New one coming up:


A. "In all my life the past twelve hours are the only real freedom I've ever known."

B. "Did you enjoy it?"

A. "Every moment."

B. "Why did you come back?"

A. "I'm a coward"

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who remembers...


" I bet you're psyched about the Martians coming Grandma? I mean, you've seen a lot of crazy stuff already. Everyone must have been real scared when they invented the train! "


--film, spraker?

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Thanks, Sixes. New effort:


A. "____, dear, you know, there's only two things I dislike about you."

B. "Really? What are they?"

A. "Your face."


This exchange involved two heavyweight talents who were also great beauties. Who?

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Well, no?*Ranchipur* (1955) is a remake of the much better *The Rains Came* (1939) which is what I was quoting: Nigel Bruce (A) as Lord Esketh (a nasty fellow) and his valet, Bates (played by Herbert Evans) just before the flood washes them away?the film also starred Myrna Loy, Tyrone Power, George Brent?but a remake is close enough (possibly same script, anyway) ? your thread, C

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Thanks, Eve. I was reasonably sure that there was an earlier film, but I made the wrong guess for a title to try to look it up. More recent, and on a lighter note:


"I told you I'm a train man! Or at least a carrage. Man's got to be numb on both ends to make his living on the back of a horse. I just don't like horses."



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