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thank ya, 'maam


who remembers...

" You're a bit of a puzzlement to me these days, _______. You don't seem to be your old cruel self anymore. And I had such grand plans for your future."


--film, speaker?


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> "Some think because of this that you're dead. Some say because of this that you won't _never_ die."


... An unbilled support player, addressing Robert Redford in *Jeremiah Johnson*.




_A_. "You know what I've been thinking about? Old baseball games. The 1947 World Series. And old TV themes. Dum didi dum didi dum dum. Bonanza."


_B_. "How does the '47 World Series fit in?"


_A_. "It produced one of the great moments in baseball history. Between the Yankees' Joe Di Maggio, prince of players, star of stars, and the Dodgers centefielder Al Gianfrido. Second stringer, who only played that day because the regular centerfilder, Carl Furillo, he got hurt. Do you know this story?"


_B_. "You go ahead."


_A_. "It was the sixth game, bottom of the sixth inning. It's 8-to-5 Dodgers. Two on, two out; up steps Di Maggio. Hit a smash, deep left field, had 'home run' written all over it. Everyone in the stands knew it, I knew it, Di Maggio knew it. It was perfect. But, here comes this little Gianfrido guy, he's racing for the ball like he doesn't know it was hit by Joe Di Maggio. At the last possible moment he jumps. Reaches over the rail. Robs Di Maggio of a three-run homer. But then comes the really amazing thing. Di Maggio is just approaching scecond base when he sees Gianfrido make this catch. He got so upset he kicked the dirt! Just like that. This man who never showed any emotion. He was human after all. It took Al Gianfrido to bring it out. You know what that means to me?"


_B_. "What?"


_A_. In America, anything is possible if you show up for work."


Who? Film?

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Well, imagine my surprise!

With a little work, going right to the source, one can find some good passages that haven't

been logged on net sites where they can be Googled. Some 220 Views, by the way.


Eve's thread.


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