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Thanks, Sixes.

Some dialogue here, went buy on a Premium Channel a few days ago:


"I know what's going on."


"Good.l I'm glad to hear that. You just drive. If I was you, I'd drive to Quincy. You can go pretty fast without makin' anyone look suspicious. I'd come out on Morresy Boulevard. I'd look for a blue Galexy in the parking lot of the Swiss Chalet Bowling Alleys.


"Somebody said somethin' about some money."


"If I was you, I'd look hard for that Galexy. Drive that Galexy back to Boston and drop me off. If I was you, I'd look in the glove compartment of that car before dropping it off in a ni**er district."



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Thanks cmvgr,


"When the gap gets too large between what the FBI can handle effectively and what the CIA doesn't want to deal with, that's where we come in."


"What do you do exactly?"


"We provide."


"Provide what?"



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Two movies with similar story lines, and with _very_ similar final speeches. They are love stories, about people cautiously approaching someone who could be very good for them. One barrier is concern about age difference. People getting cadgey about revealing how old they are.


1. A 1985 film, set in the modern west. She invites him to stay for supper. He makes it clear that he also means be there for breakfast. As they enter the house, he gives his final line: "I'm sixty."


2. A 1991 film set in New York City. They have spent a long night together in her appartment, and they have come to agreeable terms on key things. She lazes around in her housecoat, brushing her teeth. And, settling a point from past conversations, she gives her final line: "I'm thirty-six."


Films? People??

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Both of these quoted films have big-name talent in the leads:


The stars of the 1980s film: The female lead has two Oscars, two Emmys, and other nominations and awards. The Male lead has an Oscar nomination, two awarded Emmys, and additional nominations and awards.


The male star of the NYC story has an Oscar and additional Oscar nominations, other nominations and awards. The female star has 3 Oscar nominations, other awards and nominations. Shows up on a lot of those "Most Beautiful" lists.


Talented people, doing good work.

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