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Close enough for guvmn't work. Tony Roberts, using his own name as one of Woody's panal members at the film festival in *Stardust Memories*. The one where almost everybody liked Woody's movies, "especially the early, funny ones."


Sixes' thread.

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I'm not Cagney but I'll play . . .


"We really gave it to her, didn't we? We really stuck the knife in her, didn't we Bert? I loved her, and I traded her in on a pool game. Of course that wouldn't mean anything to you. Just win. Win, you said. Maybe it doesn't stick in your craw but it does in mine. You spit it out! Just like you spit everything out! You're a loser! Cause you're dead inside and you can't live unless you make everything else dead around you! You better tell your boys to go all the way with me, Bert, cause so help me God, if they just bust me up, I'll put all those pieces back together & I'll come back here & I'm gonna kill you.

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Good job, Metz! Let's try one a little more difficult:


"Long ago my father said 'Norman, you like to write stories.' And I said yes. He said 'Some day you'll write our family story. Only then will you understand what happened, and why."


Lemme know if you need hints.



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actually, pturman, the way this works is that it's now metz' option to post a new quote or pass & leave thread open for anyone to post.


Though, In truth it should be 'cagney's thread, as he answered correctly on 7-27


so back to cagney, want to post a quote or leave thread open?


(THEN, if there is no response from either cagney _or_ metz after 3 days, the thread can be considered open to anyone.)


Edited by: mr6666 on Jul 29, 2011 3:15 PM

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