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Silent Favorites

Guest TCMhost-Claire

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I love Lon Chaney Sr. too. I'm starting to get into his films. I that sounds terrible but I wasn't exposed to his films until only recently. He was truly amazing. I don't think there are any recent actors that could match his talent. I love my TCM but I really would like it if they would do a month long tribute to him. What do you think.

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My top 10, more or less in this order, would be:


1: The Passion of Joan of Arc (one of my 10 favorite films of all time)

2: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (hey, I took my nick from it, I must love it)

3: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I don't know why this seems to be under-rated)

4: Broken Blossoms (Gish is soooo sad and heartbreaking)

5: Phantom of the Opera (the great Chaney again...unmasking scene is classic)

6: The Freshman (dance scene with the unfinished suit falling apart is hilarious)

7: The Gold Rush (very funny...would rank higher if not so darned sentimental)

8: Seven Chances (simply very funny)

9: The Crowd (I always feel every scene is totally real and believable)

10: My Best Girl (America's Sweetheart made a very funny and charming movie)


I could go on but that's enough

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My favorites are a far different bunch. LOL! I wish TCM would show more of Buster Keaton and Lon Chaney Sr. Like you though I could go on with my list too. What I like to do when I watch my silent films or if TCM is showing it, to turn down the volumn on the t.v. and play my own music. That's what I think is sooo great about silent films. What about you?

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