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If You Were Alone on a Desert Island. . .


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  • 3 weeks later...

Wow....this is a tough one! I guess if I had to pick ONE movie it would probably be "Harvey". Not only is it quite humorous (something you would probably need stranded on the island), Jimmy Stewart just really touches my heart in this movie. He is so positive and just plain loves life. He also appears to be off his nut in the movie, and I'm sure I would be after a while bein' stuck on that island so it would be kind of a comfort seein' somebody as goofy as me ;)

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  • 2 years later...

how about if I do it like this:

The Passion of Joan of Arc (to be made to feel something deep and meaningful)

Modern Times (to make me smile)

The Grapes of Wrath (to remind me of the strength of the human spirit)

Rear Window (well, coz it's just so darned good!)


as you see, I'm another with an old soul born later than I should've been!

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I'd take LOTR trilogy. Any emotion you can think of is dealt with in these movies and it is the only movie that leaves with me the feeling of hope after watching it. That's why I've already seen it more times than I could remember. Always some new detail to discover and marvel at with each viewing.

Plus it's also 3 movies, but counts as 1 (perfect for desert island scenario).

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  • 2 months later...

stoneyburke, you have got to get over this obsession. It's unnatural! If you don't find some kind of support group right away, I'm going to get Mongo and Feaito and Larry and Liz together and we'll do an intervention (maybe the first internet intervention ever, we'll make history)! Or does this call for an exorcism? Whatever, it's for your own good, sweetheart.


Besides, and I don't mean to contribute to your complete breakdown, but who the hell is Warren William? Something to do with the movies?


Remember, this hurts me more than it does you.



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Thanks for your concern, Mr. Taylor!


However, I'm afraid my obsession with Warren William...haven't you seen the 1930s Perry Mason?...is followed closely with an obsession of Fredric March, William Powell, Cary Grant, Robert Fuller, and a few choice others, so I'm afraid I'm incorrigible.




P.S. Just started watching a gorgeous little gem, something called Hollywood My Hometown that TCM actually broadcast, before it started turning into AMC. It was a compilation of archival footage, done by Ken Murray, and showed stars in 1927. As to the subject? Mr. Taylor, I want my desert island squarely planted in 1927 Hollywood...holy cow, Charles Farrell and Richard Arlen (who were these guys?) were gorgeous, and I can't even think what Warren William looked like in those days! Talk about the vapors... Oh, and Carole Lombard was breathtaking.


Warren William

Actor: : Born December 02, 1895 - Aitkin, MN

From All Movie Guide: Suave film leading man Warren William was the son of a Minnesota newspaper publisher. William's own plans to pursue a journalistic career were permanently shelved when he enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After serving in World War I, William remained in France to join a touring theatrical troupe. He worked on Broadway in the 1920s and also appeared in serial star Pearl White's last chapter play, Plunder (1923). His talkie career began with 1931's Honor of the Family. Typically cast as a ruthless business executive or shyster lawyer, William effectively carried over some of his big city aggressiveness to the role of Julius Caesar in DeMille's Cleopatra (1934). He also had the distinction of starring in three whodunit film series of the 1930s and 1940s, playing Perry Mason, Philo Vance, and the Lone Wolf. Off camera, William was unexpectedly shy and retiring; his co-star Joan Blondell once noted that he "was an old man even when he was a young man." Warren William was only in his early fifties when he died of multiple myeloma. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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To the incorrigible Stoneyburke -


I am overwhelmed!! More than I ever wanted to know (much more). And I have only myself to blame.


No, I have never seen the 30's Perry Masons. When did Erle Stanley Gardner write those things anyway? Before 1930? And is this Robert Fuller the guy who was on that TV western series - was it Wagon Train with Ward Bond? Obsessed with him? Difficult to believe.


I do remember seeing some of Ken Murray's home movies - something he did with Marie Wilson, remember? I think he did a few of them at some Hollywood hotspot (such as The Mocambo or Ciro's). Home movies with the stars, that sort of thing. It wasn't what Mr. Murray did, it was his guest list that created the interest.


Charles Farrell - wasn't he Margie's dad in My Little Margie? And Richard Arlen - why do I think of something called The Green Hat when I think of him?


Warren William and I attended the same school. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and so did I. Small world! I didn't know this (having never heard of Mr. William!) until I read the bio you printed from All Movie Guide. I remember when I attended in the early 80's, they were constantly reminding us that among their illustrious graduates were Spencer Tracy and Grace Kelly - they never once mentioned Warren William. Of course he was shy and retiring; he was from Minnesota.


I send you my best and hope you recover soon from these magnificent obsessions.


Mr. Taylor

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Recover, Mr. Taylor? Nah, it keeps me young. :)


Yes, the same Robert Fuller. He still looks darned good today.


Okay, obsessed as in if these guys came to my front door, yada, yada.


That was Charles Farrell? Wow.


Ralph (can I call you Ralph?), you may have sat in the same seat as Warren William and didn't know it!!


So, you're in the biz? How cool.


dolores the incorrigible

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Ralph (can I call you Ralph?)

Sure. Call him Ralph. I once called him Fred and lived to tell about it.


Missed you, Ralph, while you were traveling. Although I did have an exciting tete a tete about Robin Williams films on the June schedule thread in General Discussions. Hope you enjoyed Thailand.



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hmmm i would have to bring along the film "the song of bernadette" a film not mentioned much in these threads but it is such an amazing film and jennifer jones (deservedly winning best actress oscar) gives the most realistic and heartfelt performance.

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One of my hobbys is to make videos of different song and dance numbers from different musicals, using two VCRs I like to make three hour tapes with musical numbers back-to-back, it usually takes a week to make one of these tapes but its well worth it when I play them back, so I would take these musical tapes with me, also I'd like to take two biographies 'The Girl Next Door' by Jane Powell and Ginger Rogers 'My Story'.

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